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10 responses to “BUY SOMTHIN’ WILL YA?

  1. Hi Hawk, I just tried to buy you one of the items on your Amazon wishlist, I got as far as the “Select a shipping address” part when I ran into a problem. There doesn’t seem to be any shipping address associated with your wishlist.

    Assuming I’m not just missing something incredibly obvious (which is a big assumption), I think you just need to add an address to the wishlist. Why Amazon didn’t just use your usual shipping address as the default when you set up the wishlist is beyond me, but that’s probably why I’m not running a huge multinational company.

    • Daniel, you just made my night. Not so much because of getting something–although that’s awesome, don’t get me wrong–but because of your generosity and the fact you felt moved to act on it. If you still feel so moved, the list has been fixed. ๐Ÿ˜€

      • In honor of your upcoming adventures in Half Life 2 in a certain “Town we don’t go to anymore”,(wish I could say more but I know you hate spoilers) you will soon be receiving “The Walking Dead: Compendium One”.

        Your videos have given me a lot more entertainment than most books/movies/games I’ve paid good money for, so I figured you deserved to get something for them. Hope you like it.

        • Oh Daniel, thank you. ๐Ÿ˜€ Funny part, if I could have picked one myself, that would have been it. You’ve also piqued my curiosity….I can’t wait!

          Have you commented on my vids before? What YouTube name do I know you by?

          • I was thinking of buying one or two of the items added when you edited your wishlist address, but something involving the undead seemed perfect, given all the “fun” encounters you’ll be having with them in Half Life 2. Though I suppose technically a headcrab infested human isn’t really dead. Just wishing they were.

            I’ve never actually commented on your videos, partly because I don’t entirely trust myself not to spoil something, and also because Youtube comments can lead to incredibly stupid arguments about trivial stuff . I did subscribe to your channel a while back, under the name DGB021, so if I do start commenting, that’s the name I’ll use.. .

  2. I doubt you’d spoil anything. ๐Ÿ˜€ And although the link from Shamus has driven in a few idiots (as well as a whole ton of wonderful new people), by and large the folks on my channel tend to be very nice indeed. The ones who aren’t don’t tend to stick around long. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I’m coming into the fold from the link Shamus put out and am churning my way through your library. I was glad when he put up the donation button on his website and I’m equally glad to see that you have something similar here as well. Making stuff for the internet is hard work! You deserve a little something in recognition. I consider a small tchotchke to be a bargain in this case.

      So yeah, watch yer mail on Thursday.

      • Thank you Jacob. I really do appreciate it. The sentiment as much as the gift itself. It *is* hard work sometimes, but I also love it–more to the point, I love hearing from people who love what I’ve done. So thank you. ๐Ÿ˜€

        Iโ€™ve actually considered a donate button (I just hate linking my bank account to Paypal.) But hell, Iโ€™m so new to thisโ€“what do you personally prefer? Donate or store/wishlist sort of thing?

        Anyone else, feel free to comment as well.

        • I guess it really just comes down to your personal preference, not to mention how many people actually participate? There’s only so much *stuff* you need, after all, I would think that eventually a donate button will be the only practical method.

          One thing I have seen but have no idea how it’s implemented, is using a paypal donation but allowing it to become a recurring subscription for X amount. I like that if only because I enjoy the concept of paying for my entertainment a la carte. Obviously the appropriateness of it depends largely on how often a person produces and how long they plan on doing it, so I’m just mentioning that as something I’ve seen.

          • Interesting. (More because there are sites–Shamus’ being one of them) that I would HAPPILY subscribe to using such a method. I don’t produce content on a regular schedule, and would thus feel extremely uncomfortable offering something like that for myself. (At least unless I could somehow replace a day job with it–who wants 5-6 vids a day! I can do that if I don’t have to work you guys!) ๐Ÿ˜‰

            I will give just a plain ol’ donate button some though though. Thank you very much for the input.

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