ECCC wrap up (this counts as a post, right?)

Hey guys! Sorry to drop off the face of the earth (again). Hopefully I’ll be able to get another post, along with some more HL videos, up this week. Until then, feel free to read about Hawk’s adventures at ECCC last weekend:

Day 1

Day 2 (part I)

Day 2 (part II)

Day 3

I also have a review of last week’s Wonder Woman #608 out, for the curious. For what it’s worth, the book no longer seems determined to destroy the character and everything she stands for. Which is a positive step.

Off to see the Wizard!

Or off to Emerald City Comic Con, anyway…I so meant to post this yesterday, but in my rush to get packed and go…I didn’t.

Anyway, I just spent my first day at a comic con ever, and it was AMAZING! I’ll tell you more about it next week, but for now, I’m covering the con for Weekly Comic Book Review–the site I write weekly comic book reviews for. Check out the website to get a summary of each day (written by yours truly!). Also, be sure to check out our Twitter and Facebook accounts. All those posts and tweets you see about ECCC? Those are me, too. ๐Ÿ˜€