D&D Campaign – Well That Was Unexpected (part 2)

(Before you start reading, make sure you’ve read part 1, which you’ll find here.)

When we last left everyone (…who writes this blog’s) favorite addled half-elf, she was sitting in the middle of a crowded street, in front of the Temple of the sun goddess Pelara. A temple which, incidentally, she had just screamed and thrown a rock at for no apparent reason that anyone but her could see.

Also, it probably bears mentioning that her best friend is the High Paladin of the sun goddess’ paladins, and that the Sunians (the almost scarily devout race of humans who worship Pelara with single-minded devotion) rioted less than 48 hours ago.

This has the potential to be, as my GM would say, ever so bad.

Whether by the intervention of Ilo, Pelara, or just the luck of the insane, though, no one really takes offence at her actions–those who see her are merely (understandably)  puzzled. Because this disturbance is taking place right outside the gates of the temple, the High Paladin, Ninat ul’Balar (who just happens to be there, in another stroke of luck) is alerted and comes to investigate in short order. And she finds her best friend sitting in the middle of the street, eyes tightly closed, looking like death warmed over, shaking uncontrollably, and refusing to move.

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D&D Campaign – Well That Was Unexpected (part 1)

So as you may or may not have noticed, it has been several weeks since my last post. We’ve played almost every week since then, and a lot has happened. Although the original issue of John and the Coven (if that’s Greek to you, go back and read the last post on the campaign) is still very much at large, it is no longer the biggest issue–amazingly–for either Piter or myself.

You see, two weeks after the session I last posted about, Piter died.

And I don’t mean “died” in the heroic sense of going out in battle, saving people or doing something worth dying for. She killed herself. Straight up. Drew her own hunting knife from her belt, and slashed her own throat open. The rest of the party tried to save her, but alas. Piter has spent most of her life in the woods hunting and skinning things, and she knows exactly how to put something out of its misery with a quick slice of a blade. There was nothing they could do.

Understand too, this was not something I worked out in advance with my GM (or myself even). This was action taken that surprised him, I think, as much as everyone else, and action that I knew very well could result in the irrevocable loss of a character I dearly love and wanted to continue playing.

…Perhaps I should start from the beginning.

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D&D Campaign – What Should I Do?

A few people have requested some posts on the weekly D&D campaign I play in, and since there’s an issue in the story I’m not sure how to handle, I thought this was as good a time as any.

First, some background (and this is gonna take a few paragraphs to give you context, so bear with me.): we’re playing in a homebrew campaign setting, we use the NWoD White Wolf character system, and the (nearly exclusive) point of the game is world and character building and social interaction. There’s very little combat, and when there is, it is nasty and brutal and, in spite of being as tough as we are, the party usually comes away quite banged up. The world itself is a basic fantasy world with lots of personal twists thrown in by our (epically fantastic) GM.

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Let’s Play Skyrim: Part 2 – The Big City

I’m baaaaaaaaaaaack! At least, I’m back to a place where I can at least have a few moments to type. So enjoy the continuation of my exploration of Skyrim with my feisty Bosmer ranger avatar, Piter.

It’s still a little while before I really got into the screenshot taking thing, so forgive the lack of some of the important bits. Hopefully my l33t English-major description skillz will help make up for it. 

When we last left Piter, she had almost been eaten by a dragon, and was asked to choose sides in a civil war she could care less about. Rather than follow the Stormcloak (or seek out the Imperials), she skips off of the path entirely and heads out into the woods for several (in-game) days. After getting my fill of hunting and exploring various settlements we come across (and being loaded down with pelts and furs in my inventory), it is time to find a road again, and continue South. I find birthsign stones as I do, and–obviously–pick the Thief. Piter is no pickpocket, mind you, but she does rely on ranged weapons and stealth. The Warrior is not her way, and neither, for certain, is the Mage.

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So if you can’t get enough of Hawk’s lovely, lilting vocal inflections (hah!), and if you’re tired of waiting eons on my sporadic upload schedule, there is now somewhere for you to turn. And given our discussion of the D&D campaign I play in, this is particularly timely.

I am now officially in a podcast.

Now, it’s about tabletop role playing, so if you’re not into that, this may not be for you. But if you’re interested, check it out and subscribe. And if you’re interested in the campaign logs I’m thinking about posting, listen for sure–it’s comprised of most of my D&D group. (Troy is the GM I’ve gushed to you about, for example. Man’s been GMing for almost 25 years and is a certified genius at it.)

Here’s the official announcement from all of us on the NerdRage team:

he Nerdrage team is proud to announce the launch of “Get your sheet straight!,” the official podcast of mynerdrage.com. Copy and paste this link into your RSS reader of choice. In iTunes, under “Advanced,” click “Subscribe to Podcast,” copy and paste the link, and you’re good to go!) Enjoy!

A note that I’m not in this one much at all, because I was busy acting as recorder/tech person. I do make a few comments, and in theory I should be much more talkative next week. Sub in preparation, my minions! SUB!

Also, if you like the podcast, feel free to check out our YouTube channel as well. The content is fantastic if you’re a role player. I do do all the video taping and editing for the team, so even though I’m not directly in any of these, a bunch of my time and effort is. The content and people on this team are more than worth it–I hope you’ll think so too.

Some housekeeping

…No, not that kind. Sorry. (I do love Consuela, though.)

So in short order, there should be three new videos up on YouTube–Half Life 2 part 15, followed by Portal 2 hopefully tomorrow, and another Half Life 2 either tomorrow as well or the next day. Also looking to do a Ravenholm post here, probably sometime over the weekend. (It is my birthday tomorrow though, so I reserve the right to delay a bit if I don’t feel like getting off my butt and doing work. 😉 ).

Now, a question: I’ve noticed that, after my Half-Life posts, my D&D posts are easily the most popular of the things I’ve written here. I’m currently playing in an absolutely amazing and epic campaign and–because reading Shamus Young’s campaign logs is one of the major things that got me into D&D–I was wondering if anyone is at all interested in hearing about it. And if you are, I’m interested in hearing just how much you want to hear about. I ask because the campaign is incredibly important to me and the other players, and sometimes reading about a great story like that can be a ton of fun. It can also be boring as hell if you aren’t invested in it yourself. So just throwing the idea out there; let me know what you think.

A Red Letter Day

So there’s this Steam group. And they’ve designated today A Red Letter Day. They call for everyone interested in info on Half-Life 3 to spend part of today playing Half-Life 2 as a “call for communication.”

Now, I doubt this will have much effect–Valve is known for taking their sweet time, and will release info when they release it. Still, I thought this would be fun, and I really would love to have Half-Life 3 waiting there for me once Episode 2 is complete.

I’ll be participating, but I don’t think I’ll have the actual video up until Monday or Tuesday. (I was hoping to have it up today, but you know how these things go. Best laid plans and all that.)

Anyway, join in and spread the word if you’ve a mind to.