I’m…a little more interent famous than I was 48 hours ago!

Thanks to my excellent writing and searingly brilliant insights on comic books (sure it was), one of my very favorite review sites, Weekly Comic Book Review, has picked me up as a reviewer. This is extremely exciting for me; I’ve been a fan of the site since I started reading comics, and it was their wonderful articles that helped me machete my way through the jungle of product that a neophyte to the medium has to deal with. So be sure to head over to the site and check out the reviews I’ll be posting there, starting (probably) this Wednesday or Thursday.

What does this mean for the blog? A couple things. First, out of common courtesy, I will obviously not be cross-posting the reviews I write for WCBR here (although I will provide you with a weekly link to my reviews there, once they go up.) It also shouldn’t mean the end of comic reviews on this site, although you can expect them to be a bit more rare. If there’s an old comic/collection I want to share my thoughts on, or if there’s a new book out I want to vent about/gush over and I’m not reviewing it for WCBR, I’ll do it here.

Also, I’m planning on using the momentum I’m feeling here to really become better about updating this site. I have a ton of half-finished stuff in my draft pages I just haven’t had the time to finish writing/researching. But! On my honor, you will have a review of Dolan’s Cadillac for your reading pleasure tonight, along with an LP:HL catchup post no later than Wednesday–and hopefully tonight, if all goes well.

The big article I’m working on at the moment (that has been requiring a lot of research time and effort) is another installment of Around the World in D&D Minis. This one will be on the Gorgon (think: Medusa). Its fascinating stuff, my favorite creature I’ve researched thus far, but the amount of material (and references!) out there is…extensive. However, as my boy Alton Brown often observes, your patience will be rewarded.

Schedule shake-up

Sorry for the recent drought guys–between being sick and an unexpectedly tough training schedule, things have been far too quiet here. In spite of having to be gone (again) this weekend, I’m going to do my damndest to make up for it a bit during the week. Look for two posts tomorrow–another HL entry, and a larger article I’m working on a research heavy one at the moment–that won’t be going up til next week; tomorrow’s will either be an ‘essential books for nerds’ list, or an article on Shadow of the Colossus (probably “part one” since the game is huge and I probably won’t be able to synthasize everything I want to say about it in one day or one article.) Whichever one doesn’t go up tomorrow will be up Tuesday or (more likely) Wendsday. I’ll also have another episode of LP:HL on my YouTube account tomorrow, with the written analysis up before I leave for the weekend on Friday morning. You won’t see anything from me after that until Monday at the earliest, Tuesday if I just need to hibernate after classes to catch up on sleep. After that, things should slow back to a normal pace, and I’ll be posting at a more regular clip. See you then, and watch for the double post tomorrow!

I have not abandoned you

No I haven’t given up the ghost…just came down with a nasty cold thanks to this stupid wet weather, and the fact that we held an emergency drill in it the other day. Ugh. So pardon the lack of updates–I’m gonna try to get my thoughts on my latest Doom 3 installment up by tonight, and then get a much more science-oriented (and research-intensive) article up by the end of the weekend. Until then, I just wanted you to know that I’m…

Quick update on some down time

Hey guys, might have noticed its been a little slow here for the last couple days. That’s because I’m in the middle of a major room renovation that involves getting rid of my old desk (as well as every other piece of furniture I own.) That puts things kind of in upheaval right now and also makes it a bit hard to have a place to work. Hopefully things will settle down by next weekend. Until then, updates might be a little few and far between, but I’ll try to get some good stuff up at least once or twice.

Until then, wish me luck with the reno!

A trailer for my upcoming Let’s Play

Just like the title says. It’s also something of a “best of” (or at least ‘funniest of’) My Half-Life LP to date. Enjoy:

Also. I’ve resolved my capture issues with Mech Commander 2, so you’ll be seeing a written walk through of that…hopefully tonight, after I get my latest HL vid up!

The Tetris God is a harsh master

So tomorrow you’ll be getting another large article, and hopefully you’ll be getting another comic review tonight as well. And a new HL: LP will be up as soon as fucking YouTube decides it wants to allow it. (Been trying to upload it literally for two days now and keep getting errors, or a video with sound but no picture. Sigh.)

Anyway, to tide you over, please enjoy the following. It made me laugh quite hard, and brought back many memories of being ten years old:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Seriously, how true is that? I originally discovered this video linked on my favorite forum.