The call for your favorite Hawk moments!

I’m working on creating a sort of ‘best of’ video, both to commemorate over eight years (?!) of LPing, and because I should probably at some point have like a featured video on my YouTube channel.

I already have some moments in mind, but there’s no way I can go back and watch every video, and no way I can know/remembers what everyone liked. So if there’s a moment that stands out to you from any of my videos (HL or otherwise) as funny/memorable/worth showing others, let me know in the comments–ideally with what video they came from, if you remember that. (If not, no worries.)

Any and all suggestions would be SUPER appreciated!



The website, she lives!

And no, this is not this month’s article 😛 Though I have been given a great idea I’m probably going to run with.

This is simply to discuss the medium-immediate future, assuming that things progress the way I picture this year–and with all the support you guys have given me already, I think they will.

I’ve had some requests for playing The Talos Principle…I’m told it’s in the vein of Portal. It seems as though Portal 2 is near (ish) done, and my Portal LP is almost done as well…this may be worth looking into. That, with a potential side of Dark Souls or Dark Souls 3…probably start with 1, if I can get my PC controller working. (I’m told mouse and keyboard for Dark Souls are…bad ideas.)

I’m also looking ahead to the rest of the Half-Life “family” cataloger…things like Blue Shift, or Half-Life Source…even fan projects like Black Mesa. I have heard that Blue Shift and Opposing Force are not amazing, and I can’t say I’m super excited by the idea of playing them based on the reviews and what I’ve seen of them. Black Mesa, on the other hand…that intrigues me. Course it isn’t done yet, but it probably will be by the time I get there eh?

What do you guys think? Are BS and OF worth it? Or should we jump right into something like Black Mesa? (Along with Talos Principle and maybe Dark Soulsish things).


Advert possibility

Sooo, this is new. With impeccable and ironic timing, I just received an email from the folks over at Fullscreen Inc, asking me to partner with them. I am strongly considering this possibility, as it would allow me to both monetize my videos (usually not possible for a Let’s Player like me), and grow my audience. This would mean a couple of things, as i understand it right now, from your perspective: 

Potential negativesAdvertising, obviously. I’m still exploring exactly what kinds of ads we’re talking about and what, if any, control I will have over the form they take. I doubt anyone would complain about ads that show up next to the video, for example (I never even notice those myself), but I personally find ads before videos rather annoying. Not enough not to watch the video, of course, but I do skip them, and always roll my eyes when they come up. I’m sure you feel no different. 

Potential positivesThe elimination of Hawk Time. We all know my penchant for inconsistency. This isn’t because I don’t want to provide you content, obviously, but because life gets in the way. And since this is nothing more than a hobby to me right now, it takes a back seat to most things (I’m sure you understand.)

If this became an actual, or even potential, source of regular revenue, however, that would change dramatically. It would become something of a second job for me. I imagine I would upload a minimum of a video a week, if not more. Two a week, both from a different game (for example, one HL2 video and one Portal or Portal 2 video) is probably what I would shoot for. This blog wouldn’t be neglected either; and if I make enough this way, I might even look into buying my own domain and trying to monetize the blog (also as un-obnoxiously as possible–NONE of those irritating as hell animated ads on my watch, I swear.)

Thoughts? Opinions? Things I haven’t/should consider? Comment away!



‘Ey! ‘He says ‘he’s no’ dead yet!

Hi. Remember me? That person whose videos you used to be entertained by, before she lost her job, had a dead computer, and all sorts of other fun personal issues you don’t care about?

Well here’s the deal, guys: I have a new job now that I love, that allows me evenings and weekends again, and allowed me to get myself a new computer! And so, here I stand: asking if, once again, you would come back, be my fans, watch my videos, and read my blog posts. Whatada say? Forgive me for disappearing on you? 

I can say that, even though I didn’t produce much, if any content over the last few months, re-watching those videos, and reading your comments, have been integral to getting me through a very, very difficult time in my life. So thank you for helping me weathered the storm. We’re back in port now, the skies are blue, the birds are singing, and it’s time to go kick some Combine ASS!


I do have one issue that maybe you can help me with. Since this is a new machine, I don’t have all my old saves from the old computer. There may be a way I can get them back, but it won’t be easy. What would be ideal is getting them back from the Steam synch Cloud–they don’t seem to have synched automatically. Anyone have experience in fixing that issue? If not I think it will be okay, it just may not be until next week I get to play and record if that’s the case. I’ll satiate you with at least one blog post if I can’t get my save game via Cloud. You have my word on that. 😀

Some housekeeping

…No, not that kind. Sorry. (I do love Consuela, though.)

So in short order, there should be three new videos up on YouTube–Half Life 2 part 15, followed by Portal 2 hopefully tomorrow, and another Half Life 2 either tomorrow as well or the next day. Also looking to do a Ravenholm post here, probably sometime over the weekend. (It is my birthday tomorrow though, so I reserve the right to delay a bit if I don’t feel like getting off my butt and doing work. 😉 ).

Now, a question: I’ve noticed that, after my Half-Life posts, my D&D posts are easily the most popular of the things I’ve written here. I’m currently playing in an absolutely amazing and epic campaign and–because reading Shamus Young’s campaign logs is one of the major things that got me into D&D–I was wondering if anyone is at all interested in hearing about it. And if you are, I’m interested in hearing just how much you want to hear about. I ask because the campaign is incredibly important to me and the other players, and sometimes reading about a great story like that can be a ton of fun. It can also be boring as hell if you aren’t invested in it yourself. So just throwing the idea out there; let me know what you think.


I now have one:

Hawk’s Official Facebook

I promise, I didn’t do it because I’m seeking likes or attention. I’m simply looking for an easy way to communicate with fans that doesn’t involve comments buried in a blog, or on YouTube. I want you to know when new eps are coming out, and if/why their are delays easily. I also want you to be able to communicate with ME more easily, whether that’s cursing my lack of updates or having a discussion about Half-Life.

Please don’t stop commenting in the blog or on the videos of course; but I figure this will give us all a way to stay connected much more easily.

Braaains. (And Skyrim!) But mostly braaaaaains….

So I’m sure you’re wondering why I’ve been even slower than usual in terms of both blog and video update. One of the reasons is that I’m still job hunting, and to be perfectly frank (and a wee bit personal) for the moment, being unemployed when you don’t want to be is difficult, both from a practical and a psychological perspective. It makes it difficult to summon the initiative to make videos even when I do have the time. (The good news is that I do have two almost ready (actually one long play session I’m splitting up.) So be watching for those.

In honor of the place where I stopped the second video, which should be up soon, I should let you all know that there is another reason I’ve been a bit delinquent on my video making and blog posting:

Yeah. I got attacked by a headcrab. Sadly for me, it wasn’t Lamaar, and it kind of decided to take control of my brain. So THANK YOU VERY MUCH to the (amazingly awesome) fan who sent me this alien-spawned brain sucker, and condemned me to an existence of living death and muffled screaming. (I wasn’t sure if you wanted me to out your name on the site, so if you’d like, feel free to take credit in the comments if you are so inclined.)

In other, possibly more important news, I have a situation that I was not expecting: I own a copy of Skyrim. I could never have bought it, but a good friend of mine gave it to me as a Veteran’s Day gift. Obviously I’m going to start playing like, as soon as I finish typing this (and I’ll start recording the playthrough just in case), but I’m not sure if this would be a great LP. Open world games are notorious for being difficult to watch. So, I’m leaving it up to you guys: do you want to see a blind Skyrim LP, even if it involves a lot of me running around being lost and doing nothing? I’m actually okay with it either way. But I want to know what you think.

As an alternative to a full LP, I could simply play with video on and post any actually interesting/funny things that happen. Or I could BLOG about the game, rather than make it a video LP. I do like written LPs on other sites.

Hmm. Right now I’m leaning towards the written LP. I think that would really be the best of both worlds: it would allow you to hear my reaction to the game, while cutting out the boring parts. Naturally, this LP would have several screenshots per post, as well as video supplements.

But, you guys are my audience, so I’m interested in what you think. Post away!