Half-Life 2: A Concerned Retrospective (Part 1)

So, as you probably know if you’ve found your way to this site, my LP of Half-Life 2 is complete. Now that it’s done, I can finally, finally, FINALLY devour all of the brilliant and hilarious comic Concerned.

Rather than another long winded, rambling post about my HL2 thoughts–I’ve honestly said 99% of what I want to say about it at some point in this blog anyway–I figured I would format this ‘retrospective’ a little differently: by using various Concerned comics and commenting/analyzing/laughing about them. It seems like a fun and fitting way to end all of this, and look back at the last five years (!) through a slightly different lens.

There are a LOT of comics, obviously I’m not going to address even close to all of them, but this will no doubt take more than one article. But for now, here is part one!

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The Final Fantasy Crystal Theme…with lyrics!

So there’s this guy named BrentalFloss. I believe he’s currently affiliated with Screwattacks.com, but I’m honestly not a huge fan of their website (the content is great, but the layout I can’t stand.) Anyway, among other things, he has a great talent for taking old and beloved musical pieces from video games and putting very good and often VERY funny lyrics to them. His newest puts lyrics to one of my favorite video game music pieces of all time:

Awesome, right? Well as long as we’re talking about him, here are two of my other favorites he’s done:

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The Tetris God is a harsh master

So tomorrow you’ll be getting another large article, and hopefully you’ll be getting another comic review tonight as well. And a new HL: LP will be up as soon as fucking YouTube decides it wants to allow it. (Been trying to upload it literally for two days now and keep getting errors, or a video with sound but no picture. Sigh.)

Anyway, to tide you over, please enjoy the following. It made me laugh quite hard, and brought back many memories of being ten years old:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Seriously, how true is that? I originally discovered this video linked on my favorite forum.

Spoony’s reaction to New Moon

As long as we’re busy analyzing the many ways in which Twilight sucks ass and needs to die, its worth noting that Spoony of The Spoony Experiment did an absolutely beautiful review of New Moon, along with a completely brilliant character analysis of Bella, and why she is a horrible person (and a horrible woman) even more than I originally mentioned in my original article. Check it out. Its awesome, funny, and dead-on accurate. I love that guy.

Before I bring this sorry saga to a close, though, I would just like to say I find it highly, highly amusing that so many guys find it so difficult to deal with the…how did one Spoony video commentator put it…the “man-meat” aspect of this movie. These are, for the most part, the same guys who drool over Slave Lea (or any number of scantily clad female characters–superhero and otherwise) aimed at the male-geek demographic. Not very easy to stomach when your gender is being disparaged, oogled, and jerked-off too (and when all this is being discussed ad-nauseum and in great and disgusting detail among fans) is it, gents? And because this is the internet, I’ll add that that wasn’t intended to be snarky (well okay maybe just a little), just a genuine comment on the way the shoe is on the other foot when it comes to this series. I don’t like it any more than I like staring at a fanservice  ‘superheroine’s’ G-cups, believe me, and am looking forward to the day when characters are just…characters, and are treated with equal respect regardless of gender or what people think will sell tickets/comics/games/what have you.

And so, our journey begins…


Yes, much like the Light Warriors I have taken the first steps on what will either be a wonderful journey of discovery and heroism, or one that will end in unmitigated disaster and a lot of pain. Yes that’s right: I have started a blog. For the most part, it will be used for game reviews, walkthroughs, and the posting of any pop-culture related links I find amusing and that I think might amuse you too. Ideally this will include much posting of the gaming-related videos I will be uploading via my Youtube account. There are many good things to come I hope, and soon. In the meantime, I present the following for your amusement and time-wastage:

We’ve all been frustrated by a very, very difficult game before. But few of us have had to struggle through one this difficult, or expressed the absolute hopelessness of the predicament so eloquently: