Well, I WAS Having Fun. Now I Need Help.

So the tutorial for Dark Souls was a ton of fun. I really enjoyed myself.

Now (although I haven’t edited/scrubbed the videos of it yet) I’m at the Undead Burg Bonfire, and have been smooshed by the Tartarus Demon several times.

I don’t mind losing to the boss at all. I expect that. I don’t even really mind being killed by mobs a bunch–I expect that, too. But when you combine the two things–you have to run through a bunch of very difficult and time consuming mobs just to get to the boss’s gate for another try–I don’t understand how I’m supposed to have success. I WANT to practice the boss, but half the time I die just trying to get to him. And then by the time I finally make it, I only have one shot at him before inevitably getting smooshed and having to start all over again.

It’s very frustrating, and not in a fun “I need to practice and master my skills” kind of way, more like a frustrating “do it again, stupid” kind of way. I wish I could just run by the mobs and to the boss gate, but that seems almost completely impossible based on their placement–there’s no way I’d make it.

I dunno what I’m looking for with this other than venting (this last play session was uh, very frustrating. And only got worse because I got mad which caused stupid and unnecessary mistakes–I’m sure you know how that goes.) But really, Souls vets, for a newbie–is this normal? Or am I just terrible? And I’d gladly take any advice offered.