The call for your favorite Hawk moments!

I’m working on creating a sort of ‘best of’ video, both to commemorate over eight years (?!) of LPing, and because I should probably at some point have like a featured video on my YouTube channel.

I already have some moments in mind, but there’s no way I can go back and watch every video, and no way I can know/remembers what everyone liked. So if there’s a moment that stands out to you from any of my videos (HL or otherwise) as funny/memorable/worth showing others, let me know in the comments–ideally with what video they came from, if you remember that. (If not, no worries.)

Any and all suggestions would be SUPER appreciated!



10 responses to “The call for your favorite Hawk moments!

  1. Almost certainly the part in Ravenholm where you couldn’t find the lever you needed to pull whilst standing on it. Your finest hour.

  2. will have to do my research . so give me until next week and I will get back to you both for half life and for portal 1-2

  3. There’s four moments from your playthrough of HL1 that immediately come to my mind. First there’s the immortal “that is not a rope” moment about 30 seconds into Part 7. Second is when you get confirmation about what the military is up to in Part 14 around five minutes in (I know it’s not a funny moment, but the sheer anger in your voice at that part is certainly memorable). The third is pretty much all of Part 19, when you meet the tentacle monster and act like you want to adopt it. Fourth would be the last four or five minutes of Part 60, where you beat the game and then have your first “conversation” with the G-Man, which goes from extreme joy to absolute confusion in under a minute.

    I’m sure I’m forgetting lots of other great moments, but it has been a while since I’ve watched the whole playthrough. If tomorrow isn’t too busy I’ll try to figure out my favorite moments from your HL2 playthrough then.

  4. Lots of great moments mentioned so far, but I’d like to nominated when you got jumped by that one headcrab shortly after Alyx was abducted, causing you to freak out. That was hilarious 😀

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