Well, I WAS Having Fun. Now I Need Help.

So the tutorial for Dark Souls was a ton of fun. I really enjoyed myself.

Now (although I haven’t edited/scrubbed the videos of it yet) I’m at the Undead Burg Bonfire, and have been smooshed by the Tartarus Demon several times.

I don’t mind losing to the boss at all. I expect that. I don’t even really mind being killed by mobs a bunch–I expect that, too. But when you combine the two things–you have to run through a bunch of very difficult and time consuming mobs just to get to the boss’s gate for another try–I don’t understand how I’m supposed to have success. I WANT to practice the boss, but half the time I die just trying to get to him. And then by the time I finally make it, I only have one shot at him before inevitably getting smooshed and having to start all over again.

It’s very frustrating, and not in a fun “I need to practice and master my skills” kind of way, more like a frustrating “do it again, stupid” kind of way. I wish I could just run by the mobs and to the boss gate, but that seems almost completely impossible based on their placement–there’s no way I’d make it.

I dunno what I’m looking for with this other than venting (this last play session was uh, very frustrating. And only got worse because I got mad which caused stupid and unnecessary mistakes–I’m sure you know how that goes.) But really, Souls vets, for a newbie–is this normal? Or am I just terrible? And I’d gladly take any advice offered.


8 responses to “Well, I WAS Having Fun. Now I Need Help.

  1. No, no, that’s perfectly normal. Taurus demon was the first place I got stuck like that in my LP. It was the first place one of my friends got really stuck in his LP. So no, for us newbs, getting beaten into paste by good old Taurus is fairly normal.
    Now, some of my advice may be redundant, since I don’t know what you figured out yourself, but I’ll try to help. First of all, upgrade the bonfire in the undead burg so you’ll have some more estus to run on. You can do this by spending two humanities you’ve picked up and investing them in the bonfire. One on unhollowing yourself and then on to kindle it.
    Second, use plunging attacks to deal massive damage to Taurus. There’s a ladder right by the door you enter the arena from. You can clear the place out before he spawns, makes things easier. Just don’t go up there when he’s right behind you or he’ll knock you down from the ladder.
    Third, you can get between his legs. This is a good way to get past him on the narrow ledge.
    Other than that, standard Dark Souls rules apply. He’s a tough initial hurdle to get over, especially for those of us who haven’t played Souls games before. So best of luck with that.

    • Okay I am on the right track. I did Kindle the fire (mostly by accident but I did it lol) and I did get the plunging attack thanks to a note.

      Did not know about going through his legs though. Honestly the worst part about him is the camera. I have died to so many things because of the terrible camera lol.

      Also, I’m going to step away for a day or two to cool off, then jump in with some exploring and leveling rather than boss pushing. Hopefully that will help.

      • There’s a common joke I see in the Dark Souls fandom about the camera being the “Final Boss” of Dark Souls. You’re not alone in struggling with it.

      • Okay, two other tips I’ve realized after watching some videos.
        First, the taurus demon has this overhead attack with a long wind up that looks like it’ll be easy to dodge. That’s him trying to trick you. He’ll adjust right before bringing it down, and if you have just finished a roll out of the way, well, then he will bring it down on your head.
        Secondly, if you find that fighting him on the narrow wall is too difficult, you can always try to lure him onto the tower by not plunging attacking him. There you’ll have more space to get around and away from him, but there are fewer guardrails, so be warned.

  2. Honestly, the distance from bonfires to bosses is probably my least favourite part of souls games, no matter how much you pay them, and it always feels that the more obnoxious the boss the longer the run.

    That said, you CAN run straight to Taurus, it just takes practice. It’s worth it though as avoiding mobs is arguably one of the most useful skills in the game… Hint: you run and roll much slower in full Knight armour.

    Taurus himself, ArachCobra’s advice is sound. One more thing to note though – while Taurus runs fast his attacks are actually really slow. You can learn the fight just by standing a little way from him, baiting out and attack and backing off​ out of range. His recovery time is enough to slip in a heal or an attack of your own.

    Good luck!

  3. Several things to keep in mind:

    1) Your equip burden is extremely important: the more you have a equipped, the slower you will walk, run, and roll. 50% is Fat Roll (9 i-frames). The faster your roll, the more i-frames you have to avoid damage, and the faster you recover from the animation. In many situations, it is preferable to unequip your armor and dodge through enemy attacks once you have a feel for the timing and spacing of those attacks. Also, reducing your equip load will flat out allow you to run much faster, making you far more agile. Just be wary of running and pressing “B” to dodge, because you can sometimes jump when you didn’t mean to and get clipped by enemy attacks while you’re in a vulnerable state.

    2) Don’t rely on lock-on. The camera lock-on in Dark Souls is useful in some situations, but will frequently get you killed if you’re not careful. It’s not a “set-it-and-forget-it” mechanic. It drastically alters how you move and how you roll, and it can also fuck up your camera quite a lot. If there’s a situation wherein you know the camera is useful (e.g. parrying enemy attacks), then use it; if there’s a situation wherein lock-in is going to get you killed, don’t use it.

    3) Use your shield! It’s not very intuitive, but a shield with high enough stability can block almost anything, depending on hitboxes. Since you have the Knight’s starting shield, you can block the Taurus Demon’s Demon Great Axe if it’s a glancing blow, or if you’re at the edge of the hitbox; if you know that your spacing is correct, block the blow and either get in a hit or fall back to regen stamina. Obviously, if the enemy’s attacks are coming from directly above, they’ll get around your shield’s hitbox and still connect, but in the right situation your shield will save your life.

    4) I dunno if you actually know this, but holding up your shield severely slows down your stamina regen. Make sure you’re always keeping an eye on your stamina so you know what you can and can’t get away with. Weapon spam is SEVERELY punished in DS1, so try not to resort to it.

    5) TAKE IT SLOW. This game is meant to be a methodical and plodding experience, which can be very frustrating but it IS the experience that you’re meant to be having. It demands mountains of patience and resolve. Don’t rush, don’t throw yourself into three-on-one situations, and don’t worry about losing souls. You WILL lose a lot of souls, and it’ll suck, but souls are a renewable resource. Death is something that you learn to take in stride, because it’s meant to be a learning experience. One really good comparison I’ve heard that I like a lot is death in this game is similar to how it is in Minecraft: after you’ve fallen into your third lava pool, burned to death, and lost all of your diamond gear, you begin to understand that all of those things are ephemeral, and there’s no such thing as a lost cause because you can always rebuild. It is much the same in Dark Souls. There’s no such thing as a hopeless situation in Dark Souls. You can always triumph.

    Hopefully some of this info was helpful. Keep going, friend! Don’t you dare go Hollow!

    • Oops. Part of my comment got cut off. Less than 25% is Fast Roll (13 invincibility frames); 25-50% is Medium Roll (11 i-frames), and greater than 50% is Fat Roll. Hope this helps!

  4. one vary basic tip for Dark Souls: if the basic enemies between you and the boss are giving you just as much trouble as the boss itself, then it’s those “basic” enemies you need to practice fighting, or you need to figure out a path that lets you go around them(this second option isn’t always available, so don’t depend on it, but other times it’s the only option)

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