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Sooo, this is new. With impeccable and ironic timing, I just received an email from the folks over at Fullscreen Inc, asking me to partner with them. I am strongly considering this possibility, as it would allow me to both monetize my videos (usually not possible for a Let’s Player like me), and grow my audience. This would mean a couple of things, as i understand it right now, from your perspective: 

Potential negativesAdvertising, obviously. I’m still exploring exactly what kinds of ads we’re talking about and what, if any, control I will have over the form they take. I doubt anyone would complain about ads that show up next to the video, for example (I never even notice those myself), but I personally find ads before videos rather annoying. Not enough not to watch the video, of course, but I do skip them, and always roll my eyes when they come up. I’m sure you feel no different. 

Potential positivesThe elimination of Hawk Time. We all know my penchant for inconsistency. This isn’t because I don’t want to provide you content, obviously, but because life gets in the way. And since this is nothing more than a hobby to me right now, it takes a back seat to most things (I’m sure you understand.)

If this became an actual, or even potential, source of regular revenue, however, that would change dramatically. It would become something of a second job for me. I imagine I would upload a minimum of a video a week, if not more. Two a week, both from a different game (for example, one HL2 video and one Portal or Portal 2 video) is probably what I would shoot for. This blog wouldn’t be neglected either; and if I make enough this way, I might even look into buying my own domain and trying to monetize the blog (also as un-obnoxiously as possible–NONE of those irritating as hell animated ads on my watch, I swear.)

Thoughts? Opinions? Things I haven’t/should consider? Comment away!




16 responses to “Advert possibility

  1. I personally have adblock, so you putting ads in your videos won’t really affect me. Go for it. A little extra cash in your pocket couldn’t hurt.

  2. The possibility of two videos every week versus, at worst, a few seconds of advertising before the videos start? Sounds like a great deal for everyone involved. Go for it.

  3. I have no problem with it. I find I actually see very few ads on the videos I watch of those who do have ads. Maybe it’s just the way they have to set up (they’re all LPers, so I imagine they have a similar attitude to yours). But even if you end up having more frequent ads, I’ll gladly take an annoyance like that if it means more consistent output from you.

  4. As far as I know, you do have some control as to how the ads are set up (whether they’re at the beginning of a video, are a little popup during the video, or on the side of the video). Of course, that was also a couple years ago; I have no idea if that has changed at all.
    I would highly suggest looking at the YouTube support forums as well as requirements for your suggested partnership and check out what they all say regarding the possibility of monetizing your videos. From what I know, it sounds like someone viewing the ad brings in a little money; someone actually clicking on the ad brings in a lot more. Of course, Youtube doesn’t like it when you tell people to do this, but they do allow you to explain it – for those that don’t read peoples’ posts, or have no idea what’s involved, I’d suggest making an update video just explaining the basics and what all’s involved if you decide to accept the partnership.
    While the partnership may be appealing, I’d suggest waiting a little and seeing if any more come your way. I’ve gotten a lot of partnership offers (at least 10), and while they all sounded good there are some that have better options than others.
    If what you hear from Fullscreen, Inc. sounds really good, though, then go right ahead. I’ve already removed adblock to help support my other LP subscriptions.
    From what I’ve seen, you also have a really good fanbase; I’m sure everyone else would be as supportive as us here in you accepting a partnership.
    A toast to Hawke, for her awesome videos and the incoming opportunities!

  5. Most of all I want you to do whatever you think is best, but if part of that involves considering this random dude’s opinion, here it is:

    Unskippable video ads are something that I have ever-decreasing tolerance for, and unless they are very uncommon, for most channels they are enough to make me just end the subscription. For yours, I might grudgingly tolerate them for now, but I do indeed dislike each one worse than the last.

    Something similar goes for any video ad, skippable or not, that is ridiculously louder than the video.

    FWIW, for me, ads of the above sorts just make me actively dislike and avoid any brand that’s being advertised, so whoever is paying for that is just shooting themselves in the foot.

    Other ads are basically A-OK in my book. The 5 second period at the start of video ads until you can skip is quite tolerable, though I do suppose that any increase of that period would put me on my guard, wondering how much further increases I should expect in the future, which is not something I want to think about when I’m just trying to chill and watch an LP.

    • I pretty much share your opinion. And, as I do tend to go back and watch old LPs of mine in order to refresh my memory on story and such, you can bet that if the ads ever became overly annoying to me, they’d be gone in a heartbeat.

  6. Hi Hawkey! 🙂 I hope you’re well and you just don’t have the time for videos and blog posts. Concerning ads, I don’t have a problem with them.

  7. I’m so glad you’re back! 😀

    A note: I won’t be able to leave comments on YouTube any more, because some time ago they mandated that YouTube commenters must have Google+ accounts, and I refuse to make one; Google already knows too much about me than I’d like. (Yes, I know that I don’t *have* to use it, but it’s the principle of the thing. That sort of thing makes it look like people use G+.)

  8. I think you should be open to ads, but I agree that advertisements have become hard to tolerate as YouTube grows and the politics of copyright and ads become an ever-increasing topics of discussion.

    Also, you posted a new HL2 video! I missed those.

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