So if you can’t get enough of Hawk’s lovely, lilting vocal inflections (hah!), and if you’re tired of waiting eons on my sporadic upload schedule, there is now somewhere for you to turn. And given our discussion of the D&D campaign I play in, this is particularly timely.

I am now officially in a podcast.

Now, it’s about tabletop role playing, so if you’re not into that, this may not be for you. But if you’re interested, check it out and subscribe. And if you’re interested in the campaign logs I’m thinking about posting, listen for sure–it’s comprised of most of my D&D group. (Troy is the GM I’ve gushed to you about, for example. Man’s been GMing for almost 25 years and is a certified genius at it.)

Here’s the official announcement from all of us on the NerdRage team:

he Nerdrage team is proud to announce the launch of “Get your sheet straight!,” the official podcast of Copy and paste this link into your RSS reader of choice. In iTunes, under “Advanced,” click “Subscribe to Podcast,” copy and paste the link, and you’re good to go!) Enjoy!

A note that I’m not in this one much at all, because I was busy acting as recorder/tech person. I do make a few comments, and in theory I should be much more talkative next week. Sub in preparation, my minions! SUB!

Also, if you like the podcast, feel free to check out our YouTube channel as well. The content is fantastic if you’re a role player. I do do all the video taping and editing for the team, so even though I’m not directly in any of these, a bunch of my time and effort is. The content and people on this team are more than worth it–I hope you’ll think so too.


2 responses to “GET YOUR SHEET STRAIGHT!

  1. Done. I’ve always been more interested in the outside perspective of D&D, mainly because my own exposure to it was my older-by-7years cousin when he and his friends would play. They had a no-girls policy but I could watch and learn as long as I kept quiet. Hope to hear more from you.

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