A Red Letter Day

So there’s this Steam group. And they’ve designated today A Red Letter Day. They call for everyone interested in info on Half-Life 3 to spend part of today playing Half-Life 2 as a “call for communication.”

Now, I doubt this will have much effect–Valve is known for taking their sweet time, and will release info when they release it. Still, I thought this would be fun, and I really would love to have Half-Life 3 waiting there for me once Episode 2 is complete.

I’ll be participating, but I don’t think I’ll have the actual video up until Monday or Tuesday. (I was hoping to have it up today, but you know how these things go. Best laid plans and all that.)

Anyway, join in and spread the word if you’ve a mind to.


12 responses to “A Red Letter Day

  1. I was going to play HL2 today, but my computer broke down and the new one I ordered hasn’t arrived yet. 😦

    Also, I agree with RipOff that it was a while since you did a bit of commentary. On the other hand I understand that there isn’t much to say about Ravenholm other than it’s full irritating zombies.

  2. I remember being really excited about the next installment of the Half-Life series after finishing Episode 2. I figured Episode 3 was only a year or two away. It’s been over four years, and Valve hasn’t so much as released screenshots yet. I really hope this isn’t going to end up like Duke Nukem Forever.

    Oh well, hope you are enjoying playing HL2. The mines probably weren’t much fun for you, but once you get out of those the game starts to get really interesting.

    • Well there was the “leaked” concept art, a simple Google search will get you that.
      But I know what you mean, Episode 3 (yeah, HL3 seems rather silly to me, I believe that even if the game has expanded to being a much larger project, it should still be an “HL2 Episode”) has been dark for far to long…

      now my reasoning behind it still calling it Episode 3.

      Half Life and its expansions: The Black Mesa Incident

      Half Life 2 and its episodes: Humanity’s resistance ageist the Combine

      Half Life 3: what ever happens next…

    • At least we knew that Duke Nukem Forever was a product in development, boned as that development may have been. We don’t know if Episode 3 is even still a thing, or if we’ll see a Half-Life 3 instead, or even if they’re not seriously working on anything Half-Lifey at all. Valve only works on projects its employees are really excited about, and the last we heard, the process of releasing the last three Half-Life games had taken a lot out of them. Of course, again, that was nearly four years ago. What’s going on now? Who knows.

  3. I want Half-Life 2… I only have the trial version… Anyways! Can’t wait till a new episode of your Half-Life 2 LP. I sincerely hope that they are making a Episode 3. I haven’t heard anything about it. Everyone on E3 says it won’t come out at least for another three years. Why Valve? Why?

    I hope my grammar and spelling is alright… I fail… 😦

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