YouTube copyright idiots

So a couple of my LP videos have been identified as having “musical compositions that violate” (some sort of) copyright. Clearly, this is bullcrap. I have exactly one video on my channel that could be claimed as that and it has been for years and I haven’t disputed it–they just run ads next to it now I think. But they’ve now identified Half Life 2–part 7 as having copyrighted audio. Which is clearly retarded, since the audio is entirely game sound effects and me talking. Question is, should I dispute it? As of now, it’s not really flagged against me; if anything, they’re just running ads next to it as well. It’s not taken down or blocked. I hesitate to dispute it in case it draws the wrath of YouTube and brings them down on my entire channel; on the other hand, I loathe the fact that some scummy company can claim I’m using their stuff when I’m very clearly not. And I hate even more that I totally found out about this by accident. Really, YouTube? You couldn’t even send me A FRIGGING EMAIL when this was claimed MONTHS ago?

Gah. I hate this system so much. Any advice would be appreciated.


8 responses to “YouTube copyright idiots

  1. Funny, I don’t see anything about that on the video. Usually, I would expect to see something under the rating. Maybe they took that out. Or maybe you were referring to a different video?

    First of all, what does it actually say about the audio? Did someone file a claim on the video, or is this an automated match? And whose content does it say it is? If it’s Valve, it’s likely correct. (You said there’s no audio other than sound effects and your commentary, but in fact there is the music cue, when you enter the shanty town; I think that’s probably what would cause an automated match.)

    Anyway, it would be useful to know a little more.

  2. Don’t worry too much about it, had the EXACT same thing happen to me. Apparently there is an agency (or are agencies) going around claiming rights to royalties on videos at random or something.

    I disputed mine a few days ago with the obvious claim that unless my voice and game sounds magically create copyrighted music, its not there, as there wasn’t even music in the game (or, on the forms, “Video does not contain claimed copyright content”). The notice was gone instantaneously and I have not received foul word from YouTube since. They were probably happy, since getting rid of that likely means paying less in royalties.

  3. Absolutely dispute it, Hawke. These companies/groups operate on the hope that people will be too scared/lazy to bother contesting their obviously BS claims. The more people that do dispute, the less profitable their actions and thus the less likely they are to continue.

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