Yeah, I know you’re sick of this by now. But that doesn’t make it unimportant:

Now, obviously my site’s not black–no one would care if it was, frankly. (I know the videos I’ve promised aren’t up yet by the way, but that’s due to an unrelated technical issue. I would never bait you guys by saying I had videos to post, then not post them just to make a political point.)

Now, as much as I like to, I don’t make my living doing this, so my livelihood is not threatened. My hobby, and several hundred hours of my time to date are though–and so is your entertainment. So are all of the video creators I love. (Just look at my blogroll–none of those people would be around if this is passed and enforced to it’s full extent.) It’s well worth your time to write your congressman and even more importantly, to vote in the next election. We don’t just want SOPA gone–we want anyone foolhardy enough to support it gone. Because that means they’re either so technologically behind they don’t understand why these bills are terrible, or (even worse) that they FULLY understand why they’re terrible, and SUPPORT THEM ANYWAY. There are many updated lists of politicians and corporations who support these things. Take note of them, and vote and act accordingly.

In closing, I give you Neil Gaiman and Friends.


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