Everyone, meet my favorite Skyrim NPC!

Temba, at rest.

Meet Temba Wide-Arm, my new favorite Skyrim NPC. If you don’t know why that name is absolutely freaking awesome…well then, Sokath, your eyes remain covered.

InusSonCurtis, this one is for you. πŸ˜€


10 responses to “Everyone, meet my favorite Skyrim NPC!

  1. Thank you for the dedication Hawke, it reminds me of when you changed that one episode to the name “KER-BLAMMO”. Remember that? Ah, good times. Can’t wait to see more HL2 and if you liked Portal 1, you’ll die from laughter at Portal 2.

  2. hawke. do you think you will come out of ravenholm with your sanity intact. heres a tip to keep you from breaking down: imagine raven hol as it used to be, daytime,full of people,not a care in the-HOLY SHIT! whats that in the sky!

    • Oh, poor, poor, atension seeking sammy, you don’t seem to have what it takes to get a responce… and I have know idea on how you could.

      Even though I’ve maneged to get Hawke to make two blog post becouse of my actions [yes, I am the guy that’s bin acting as Overwatch on this blog] but nether time was it not my intension to get sutch a HUGE reaction from her.

  3. i wasnt asking for a huge reaction, i was trying to tell her about where to find eli in hl1. Personally i hate excess attention (you spelled it wrong) and yes i have tons of flaws(and then some) but thats what the internet pretty much is.

    • I wasn’t saying you were seeking huge reactions, but why would she respond to being told Eli’s location, as it is sutch a small thing.

      Also pointing out that I misspelled something is pointless, as I don’t care so long as people understand what I’m trying to say, in fact a resent study says that people only need the first and last letters to be in the right place to understand it.

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