Braaains. (And Skyrim!) But mostly braaaaaains….

So I’m sure you’re wondering why I’ve been even slower than usual in terms of both blog and video update. One of the reasons is that I’m still job hunting, and to be perfectly frank (and a wee bit personal) for the moment, being unemployed when you don’t want to be is difficult, both from a practical and a psychological perspective. It makes it difficult to summon the initiative to make videos even when I do have the time. (The good news is that I do have two almost ready (actually one long play session I’m splitting up.) So be watching for those.

In honor of the place where I stopped the second video, which should be up soon, I should let you all know that there is another reason I’ve been a bit delinquent on my video making and blog posting:

Yeah. I got attacked by a headcrab. Sadly for me, it wasn’t Lamaar, and it kind of decided to take control of my brain. So THANK YOU VERY MUCH to the (amazingly awesome) fan who sent me this alien-spawned brain sucker, and condemned me to an existence of living death and muffled screaming. (I wasn’t sure if you wanted me to out your name on the site, so if you’d like, feel free to take credit in the comments if you are so inclined.)

In other, possibly more important news, I have a situation that I was not expecting: I own a copy of Skyrim. I could never have bought it, but a good friend of mine gave it to me as a Veteran’s Day gift. Obviously I’m going to start playing like, as soon as I finish typing this (and I’ll start recording the playthrough just in case), but I’m not sure if this would be a great LP. Open world games are notorious for being difficult to watch. So, I’m leaving it up to you guys: do you want to see a blind Skyrim LP, even if it involves a lot of me running around being lost and doing nothing? I’m actually okay with it either way. But I want to know what you think.

As an alternative to a full LP, I could simply play with video on and post any actually interesting/funny things that happen. Or I could BLOG about the game, rather than make it a video LP. I do like written LPs on other sites.

Hmm. Right now I’m leaning towards the written LP. I think that would really be the best of both worlds: it would allow you to hear my reaction to the game, while cutting out the boring parts. Naturally, this LP would have several screenshots per post, as well as video supplements.

But, you guys are my audience, so I’m interested in what you think. Post away!


36 responses to “Braaains. (And Skyrim!) But mostly braaaaaains….

  1. I’ve seen some good LPs for Oblivion, and your ability to look deeply into things will make for great RPing. so 1 vote for LP. (the games going to take up some of your time no mater what so we should at lest get an LP out of it to compensate for the lack of HL2 videos this game will cause.

  2. Considering that I’m *only* 21 hours into Skyrim because I took time out to watch someone play it for 12 hours straight live along with 8000 other people, I’d say there’s *some* interest in watching people stumble around :).

    Skyrim’s actually a pretty good LP game, since it throws quests at you thick and fast, and when you least expect it (the Daedra quests in particular are kinda awesome about this, but I don’t want to spoil too much). And then a Dragon drops on your head.

    On that note, I’d prefer a video LP a little in that the totally unexpected stuff that happens is better with your immediate reaction, and this game has a *lot* of unexpected stuff. The only problem, is that this game can literally be 200 hours, there are side quests and dungeons in this game that are 4 hours long, so I’m not sure how you would deal with that – showing everything you do would require either that you skip a LOT of stuff, or that you put out about 10x as much video, or that you go for about 60 years :).

    If I can be greedy, maybe mostly text with some video snippets of the stuff better suited to that could work? Things like your first dragon fight, some of the better voice work, or just some awesome quest triggered thing (I just saw a guy try to stab a woman in the street which started a whole complex multi-part quest, for example).

  3. Glad to see you’re enjoying your new cranio-conjugal friend. When I saw it on your wishlist, I just couldn’t resist. My only regret is that Amazon didn’t have a packaging option where the headcrab would jump out of the box at you.

    Regarding the Skyrim LP idea, my vote is for a written one. The game is really good at letting you make up your own story as you play. I only got it yesterday, and already I feel like I could write a novel about my adventures. A novel featuring excessive amounts of sneaking around and shooting people in the head with arrows.

    • Thank you again. πŸ˜€

      And yeah, I think it’s got to be written. In a game like this, I’ve discovered I get way, way to far into actual roleplaying for it to be fun. For instance, I walk almost everywhere, except in combat or in an emergency. I actually eat and sleep at proper times. And I think that would be fairly boring. Plus, honestly, if it were video I would feel pressure to just get through the quests, and not play how it makes me happy to play.

      So written it will be I think. I think I am going to have to use a few generic screenshots from other people on some of the big events that happened–I’m not used to having to take screen shots, especially under pressure, so I missed capturing some pretty damn important things. But other people will have pictures, and I’ll snag those until I get more practice at putting together this kind of LP.

      Thanks for the feedback! And for Fluffy. πŸ˜€

  4. wait a second, “…the place where I stopped the second video, which should be up soon…” You’ve made it to Ravenholm?! awesome, that means you’ve also got the Zero-Point Energy Field Manipulator, Right? awesome!

    • Yes. And FUCK YES. πŸ˜€ It may be the greatest thing I’ve ever held in a video game.

      Also, Ravenholm SUCKS and I HATE IT. And I haven’t even entered the first building yet.

      Well I entered it. Then I ran out screaming, cowered in a corner, and stopped playing. Valve is MEAN.

      • How can you hate Ravenholm? It’s a zombie holiday away from the drudgery of liberating the Earth from The Combine, with curricular saw-blades and explosive barrels!
        Of course the Gravity Gun is awesome the first few times, but it’s warn out it’s welcome on me… that’s the only down side to playing HL2 multiple times.

      • I understand you hating Ravenholm. I pretty much loathe it myself, but not from it being scary, but because I am not a fan of zombies in general. And headcrabs are annoying. On the positive side: It is really fun to kill zombies using the gravity gun. Tip: try avoid using guns. It’s more fun that way.

      • You share my opinion on Ravenholm, then. After playing it multiple times, I still curse the name of Valve every time I think about it.

        I will say this, after a while it does get a bit better. The gravity gun and the inventive things you can do with it help a lot, and once you’ve played through it with the lights on several times, it starts to become easier on my very fragile, easily-frightened mind. But yeah, the first time, I had to play it in the middle of a very sunny summer afternoon when I was alone in the house so I could run across the living room, stare outside, and hyperventilate every few minutes!

        There remains a significant portion of Episode One I refuse to replay at all, at least not without godmode on, though. Yeah, I’m a wimp. I don’t care. πŸ˜›

      • Am I the only person who actually enjoyed Ravenholm?

        I suppose my perspective might be a little skewed, since I also greatly enjoyed stuff like the Penumbra series and System Shock 2 – any game/level featuring dark, claustrophobic places crawling with zombie-esque enemies, really.

        At least in HL2 your weapons aren’t going to break down and jam at the worst possible moment, and there aren’t any screaming psychic monkeys with partially exposed brains chasing after you. Count your blessings.

      • To expand on the “avoid guns” tip, if you try and kill everything with bullets, you’re going to start running low quick. Ravenholm is something of a training ground for the Gravity Gun, and since you’ve reached it I can say this without fear of spoilers. There is an achievement to go through all Ravenholm using only the Gravity Gun. It isn’t easy, it sure ain’t pretty, but it’s actually not as hard as you’d think.
        Keep an eye out for sawblades and radiators, they seem to be the best “ammo” for most things.

  5. An LP of an open world game kinda hangs on the LP’ers ability to fill out the silence, as the game sure as heck won’t do it for you. And making filling out the silence interesting depends on the LP’er in question. Now, with that said, I do not doubt that you have the ability to make at least 75% of that silence interesting and therefore I would be happy to watch your LP of Skyrim once I myself have had a go at the game.
    Also, sorry to hear that you’re having problems finding a job. Won’t claim to fully understand, having never been in that spot myself, but for what it is worth, good luck and happy hunting.
    PS: Nice pet you got there πŸ˜€

  6. I’m with you on the difficulty of open-world LPs. I’ve seen a few, even by engaging LPers, and it’s very hard to do! But a written one, that I’d find very interesting.

  7. You know hawke. I think that ravenholm is the saddest part of the game. Sure in the beginning, we hear aout the suppresion field but seeing firsthand what the combine did to the residents of a small town is what made me say “yeah, those bastards are gonna pay”.

  8. You hate Ravenholm? Awesome, that place must be the most overrated level on the history of gaming! Ok not really, it’s okay I guess but the other levels following it are so much better,

    As for Skyrim, written LP would do fine.

  9. OH! hawke i need to give you a fair warning…….i will make a joke about the possible gordon-alyx romance in the near future.

  10. Hey waaaaaaitaminute, SoldierHawk. Whatever happened to waxing poetic about the sayings of the vort? πŸ˜›

    That might tide us over for however long it takes to finish off the video you got goin’.

    • I think she is waiting to see more Vort lines (maybe ones that relate to the plot?) and in my opinion the most interesting Vort dialog comes from Ep.2 and that is a long way away…

      • I must agree… But don’t worry Hawke, the Vorts have more to say before Ep.2 as well, no doubt about that. And I definitely support the idea of a written LP of Skyrim IF you’re planning to LP it at all.

    • Actually, the next video should be up today.

      The Vort saying post may need to wait a bit, mostly because I’m up to my ears playing Skyrim, and because I want to get the first part of my written LP for that done. (Which in theory will also actually be done today…but that might be wishful thinking.)

  11. HAWKE GET READY FOR THE JOKE!…….here it comes…..

    Eli:gordon can handle anything…with the possible exception of you.

    Alyx: DAD!


    Me:One…….nuff said

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