Stay safe, London

I know some of my regular viewers/readers are in or around London. If you are, guys, hang in there. You’ll get through this just like you always have. There will be a new episode up by tomorrow to distract you, if that’s any help. Let me know if there’s anything else I can do.

I’ve only been in England once, but it remains one of my favorite counties. Some of the best memories of my life were made in the four days I spent in London. Such a beautiful city, and such wonderful people. A small minority of assholes can never, ever compare to that.



9 responses to “Stay safe, London

  1. πŸ™‚ IT’s it’s IT’S beutifal thanks for showing me what is london like i’m taking a trip to london in 2 weeks so now you made my week! p.s vid please you said it be uploded by today the 9! I also want you to contine portal

      • ok look at my comment on the donations post also the machien gun has a gernade lancher like the m16 in half life 1 just look at the big amunaton number. πŸ™‚

  2. Things have gotten really out of hand in England to point where the armed forces are a possible solution but it should be quieting down.

    And the sub machine gun you got in HL2 is an MP7 and is really, really inaccurate at long range so try not waste your ammo.

    • I’m so sorry to hear that. 😦 All of the British soldiers I’ve ever worked with have been nothing but exceptional soldiers and people, so I hope they’ll do more harm than good if it comes to that. Hang in there.

      • Well thats onley a last resort but for now we are going to bring water cannons tear gas stuff like that, i think no definate desision has been made, but if the troops do get called in there going to use non-leathel weapons.

  3. Thanks for the happy thoughts things seem to have settled down now and although I was in favor of martial law and deployment of armed forces I’m glad it did not come to that, what was most heatening was the armies of citizens coming out to help clean up their communities and demonstrated the good side of the London mob as well as those communities in the other cities afflicted by the anarchy. Those of you who saw the asian student mugged by a supposed good samaritan will be pleased to know that people have rallied round to do something nice for him to make up for his awful experiance and well done also to the family run furniture retailers whose original store was destroyed after 160 yearrs of being in business but they still made their deliveries to waiting customers the next day (using stock from their other stores), acts like this restore my faith in humanity

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