SDCC Condimonium!

As you probably know, San Diego Comic-Con is upon us. I’ve lived in San Diego for the better part of my life and have never gone, but that is about to change! I have a four day pass, almost no convention experience, and am no doubt about to have my wee little mind blown clear out my ears.

With that in mind, you won’t find any updates on the blog or Youtube until next week. If you’d like to follow my SDCC adventure, however, feel free to drop in to WCBR (I write under the same name, SoldierHawk) and follow WCBR on Twitter and Facebook (all of the live con tweets tagged #SDCC will be yours truly!)

Wish me luck, and I’ll see you next time. πŸ˜€


22 responses to “SDCC Condimonium!

  1. please make half life 2 ep.3!!! p.s I have watched all videos on your channal πŸ™‚ ,also once you get the chance do doom 3 again the part your at is… well just be prepared to shit yourself.
    and alyx is sexy further in half life 2… peace! (:

  2. can you try dead space two. if anyone wants him to play that reply by the way at the biggining hold shift to run and then the wheel chair alein rapes you spam E like your life depenens on it and your health is on your back in dead space

        • What the hell are you talking about? I’ve played throught DS2 a few times, and there is no “alien rape chair”. There is “The Machine” but that has nothing to do with…. OH, you mean the Necromoph that attacks you at the start, to show how the health system(and the QTEs) work. OK, you should have explaned that better, or not at all.

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