Last…I am the last…

…person on Earth to probably play Valve’s brilliant Half-Life, bit it’s finally, after two years, complete. BEHOLD:

And so my two-year Odyssey with Gordon Freeman comes to an end. Nihilanth is dead, Earth (and those asshole scientists) are safe, and Gordon…well…Gordon got rather screwed, didn’t he? I was expecting him to teleport back home to a hero’s welcome, but no. Instead he got kidnapped by a creepy, not-so-human guy in a suit. Not as anticlimactic as the death that awaited him if he refused, of course, but still…ouch. I did, by the way, reload a save so I could see what happens if you refuse G-Man’s offer. Just like I thought, he was not to be trifled with, and you are killed pretty much without ceremony, and no chance of victory. Like I said: ouch.

G-Man’s little speech at the end certainly puts Nihilanth’s lines (especially “I am the last…”) into a whole new light, doesn’t it? Here poor Gordon thought he was fighting for Earth, and it seems like, really, saving the Earth was just a secondary byproduct of delivering Xen into the hands of…um…er…an evil…alien…um…corporation? (Aliens have corporations, and even wear business suits. Who knew?) I’m ASSUMING G-Man is an alien. Between his voice and teleporting ability, I think that’s fairly clear. Now the question is, what did the Black Mesa scientists know? We saw at least one of them talking to G-Man before the disaster and–unless G-Man can disguise his voice but doesn’t bother to do so with Gordon–the scientists must have been aware of his nonhuman nature.

So, it seems that Gordon has pretty much been used this whole time, basically as an unwitting mercenary, to conquer Xen and the Nihilanth. To what end, though? Well, Half-Life 2 puts it in some kind of perspective:

Time has passed. How much, we don’t know, but Gordon’s “employers” decide he needs to be woken up and thrust into this terrifying dystopian hellhole. Initially on spotting that Vort, I assumed that G-Man and his people had enslaved the Xen aliens, but that may not be the case. After all, this is Earth, and if G-Man and co had wanted to conquer Earth, I have a feeling they could have long before this. Perhaps he’s awakened us to *fight* whatever has conquered Earth? But if that’s the case, why wake us NOW? Why not before or during the invasion? Why wait until the enemy is established and in a position of complete, dominating power?

I have no idea. But I’m looking forward to finding out!


20 responses to “Last…I am the last…

  1. *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* Weldone on compleating Half Life there is a huge gap between HL1 and 2 which is oh say 10 years ish doesent really tell, you but all the information that happend between them is on one notice bord, thats right, one reference to all the events, so be sure to explore to the full.

    And apperntly slighty before all this is when portal happend so keep in mind there are two storys.

  2. Hay Hawke, well the exact langth of the time gap is unknown, I can give you an estimate, if you want. it’s never told to you in game.

    As for why G-Man put you here now? as he put it “The right man in the wrong place, can make all the diffrence, in the world.”

    And as for why not dering the invadion? I woun’t spoil what happened, or what the invation is called NOW, but…

    even The One Free Man couldn’t servive THAT!

    here’s a quote[not from HL2] I like “when faced with extinction, ANY alternitive is preferable.”

    • Shall we wait until we actually see any evidence related to any of those subjects before we start answering her rhetorical questions despite having been told that she explicitly does not want us answering her rhetorical questions in that fashion?

      Also. For the third time. Please stop quoting later parts of the series. Please stop referencing later parts of the series. Please stop hinting about later parts of the series. Please stop “informing” people of things that you learned in later parts of the series. Most importantly, please stop answering rhetorical questions that will answer themselves or to which answers will be suggested in later parts of the series, because a whole lot of the enjoyment here is derived from SoldierHawk _figuring this stuff out herself_.

      In fact, it would be fantastic and a source of great relief to me personally if you could just stop talking about later parts of the series at all.

      I am sincerely begging you here. Is there anything I can do to convince you to change your current course before you spoil something important? Please?

        • It’s alright. Understood and actually appreciated, although I wouldn’t have phrased it quite how you did. πŸ˜‰

          In fairness, I do have a penchant for annoying rhetorical questions, I know. Just a verbal tic I have. Do try to refrain from interpreting that as actually looking for answers (unless there really aren’t going to be any answers forthcoming in the game.)

      • well all I quoted was the G-Man speech Hawke already saw, and Red vs. Blue. hinting at the [SPOILERS] as a hopless cuse, is not realy spoilering becouse – wait, we starting another little conflict aren’t we?

        It look like we’re forming a little rivlery.
        HE HE HE HE HE HE
        [HE] [HE] [HE] [HE] [HE]

        STATEMENT: [Let] the [Cilvil Prodection] teams settel [this] out//
        NOTCE: [Hawke,Soldier] file name: [1984] brought up [video] file name: [HL2 Mac ad 1984 remake] do [you] want to veiw//

  3. PS: sence some one already siad something abou the time gap:
    it has bin at least 10 years, but it could have bin up to 20 years, the reason most fans think this is (SPIOLERS)
    [I will piont it out if you miss it]

  4. Actuly I have to say I never really noticed this when i went througth the first time but at the start of the game the Combine seem to have mixed relations, most of the time they will just hit you but others will wave there hands or put it in front of you, so some of them may not be as much d***heads as you might of thought.

    Or i could be wrong and there just a bunch of eivil steroid monkeys who developed a 3 strike system.

  5. Actually, that would make sense. Soldierhawk missed it, but if you talk to one of women at the food line, she says that she’s considering joining the Overwatch because they get ration increases.

  6. So I guess more people are just desperate rather than plain brutal.

    So remember Hawke under the gas mask the person is not always a demon.

  7. Wow. I’m actually kind of speechless and blown away by that observation, guys. I believe that calls for a special post, which I will begin writing right….NOW.

  8. In half life opposing force when you go to xen jump when the portal is normal use noclip and… you SEE GORDON NOT A SPOILER BUT A EASTER EGG AND IT’S A SECRET CHAPTER YOU CAN PLAY THROUGH same as origanal. πŸ™‚

  9. Okay, I just finished watching your HL LP and I look forward to watching HL2. I’venever played the games, but extremely enjoyed the LP all the same.

    And I have to point out, most people commenting on these posts need to correct their spelling before they hit “Post Comment”.

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