I, Fangirl

(Before you are disappointed: the Half-Life ending post–one of them at any rate–will be up tomorrow. HL2 LP should begin over the weekend. And I have something special in mind for the 19th, which is the anniversary of the beginning of my original HL LP.)

So, there’s this comic book fan site called iFanboy. Awesome site. Great for news, better for getting information on the upcoming week’s comics and deciding what it is you want to buy. That’s mostly what I use it for, although I do occasionally listen to some of their podcasts. (If it’s comic book reviews you want, of course, I would suggest WCBR where I write and publish reviews.)

Anyway, just a heads up if you’re a comic fan and want to be pointed of the direction of a cool site. If you’re curious about what it is I’m reading every week and what I think of it, feel free to check out my profile. I star-rate all the comics I read, and occasionally post reviews. (Although the reviews of the comics I also reviewed for WCBR are just cut/pastes.)


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