Sit tight guys

Hi guys. Just letting you know that I’m:

and will resume updating my LP and this blog shortly. By this time tomorrow, God willing, my thesis will be done. Not out of the woods then, I have to catch up on all the grading I DIDN’T do while I was finishing it, and I owe a friend a playthrough of “Revenge of Meta-Knight” from Kirby Superstar. Until then, your continued patience is appreciated, and new posts and videos should be forthcoming by the end of next week if not sooner. 😀

Also: if you’ve got a particular request for a blog topic, let me know. I’m not short of ideas–I have more in the ‘draft’ bin than I could write in a month–but I’m more than willing to entertain suggestions, too. Y’all deserve something for being so patient!


11 responses to “Sit tight guys

  1. I understand perfectly. I finished my masters thesis last week and it’s was a huge relief to get it done. Take all the time you need, we can wait.

  2. Your doing really well on the LP your the first person ive seen shoot the turret on the tanks where most just shoot the body and it takes like 5 hits to kill and the chapter your is going to get more intence and insane so keep up the good work


    It is good to hear that you are doing alright for yourself.
    I look foreword to your next update. I can see why the Combine took such an interest in you, the data you provide (and you analysis of said data) on the Black Mesa facility is of the highest quality, and data on the incident in general is hard to come by.

    ***MESSAGE ENDS***

  4. A conscience, my pretty little box of lights? Apocrypha defines you as it ever does–we know how fond we’ve always been of theories out of time–but you’re sounding quite straightforward today. Unusual. I am surprised.

    Better stay veiled, Joyeuse. We wouldn’t want our Carlsen to think we’re setting him up for a fall, would we? Not after what Perseus saw.

    (We are both wearing borrowed masks, aren’t we? I know I’m no Dorothy, but as for yourself… unlikely, I know, but I’ve got to be sure.)


      Of course, false vials are a critical tool in these troubled times.
      In case you did not know, Adam is busy working on recent developments at Aperture Science, and his own work. That leaves Little to no time for him to mess around with this place, if he knew about it, and he likely does not.
      links (not recommended for hawke):

      ***MESSAGE ENDS***


      Odd, I thought I sent you a replye already…
      Well it matters not, and as for your talk of borrowed masks, if you mean to imply that I’m Mr. Adam Foster, the awnser is no, I am not. Anyway I have my own project concerning some interesting recordings I received from Perseus’ neural implants, and I plan to release them through the network called Youtube. Hopefully you and all the others who care for my story will find it of great intrigue.
      It will be released in a format similar to this series:
      just don’t expect anything to come of this soon, all good things come in “Valve Time” it seems…

      ***END MESSAGE***

      • Heh. I have seen that, actually. In fact, I had vaguely been toying with the idea of doing something similar…perhaps using screenshots and writing to capture what Gordon would “blog” as he works his way through Black Mesa. (And then carry that on onto HL2 and beyond.) Not sure how much fun that would actually be for people, though. We’ll see.

        • ***INCOMMING MESSAGE***

          It is good to hear you’ve seen that record of Dr. Freeman’s romp through Black Mesa. I most now ask for your thoughts on them. Also, don’t try to do something like that, we(or at least I) come here to hear YOUR thoughts, not his.

          ***END MESSAGE***

  5. That last comment was directed at the one before it, just to be clear.

    Well. Perhaps “clear” might be stretching it.

    (And don’t worry, Soldierhawk: loose lips may sink ships, but there’s nothing canonical in this exchange you haven’t seen before.)

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