Taking the night off….

Normally I’d be writing my weekly blog post now, but I just got home and am so happy the Packets won the big game that I need to sleep it off. Look for my post–dealing with Comic Don and the joys of getting tickets thereto–tomorrow.


12 responses to “Taking the night off….

  1. -Statement observed and cataloged-
    STATEMENT: [We] were under the [inpression] that [you] were going to make a [dedailed] commentary on the [Black Mesa] incident that [you] had seen to this point//
    This will [hopfuly] come in the fallowing [time-scale] 7 days//

  2. ST@TEMEN7: InD3ViDuAl [H2wk, SOldIer] [y0u] have pas7t the poin[ Of pro!%^ n@w c()ntent>>
    W@RNIN8: [unnown[/unrelate3d{ HalkeR detect@d s33ke=1ng >>
    MeSS@8e Foun6//

    no pres}nt no li2e no deaH# no wSrldddddddddd
    A friend of a f=iend.
    ***MESSAGE ENDS***

    • Sigh, I know I have and I apologize. Going through a real rough patch right at the moment. Bear with me; as a reward, you should see a Gman related post up by the end of the week.

      • _ St@t3ment 0bservation anD Stor@ge<
        R3SP()///ned; {///E..] @re pless3d that [y0ou } 8ot the Tr@NSmis1on///
        {S@Yst3me Fa1lure}
        HAckarey non<trace, far=*tgghy~

        ***INCOMING MESSAGE***
        (agusted to format)
        You will not need to worry about future interfearince from our "Benifacters" at Overwatch.
        For the time being anyway
        ***MESSAGE ENDS***

      • ***INCOMING MESSAGE***
        It will be nice to see your thoughts on the “G-Man”
        but I would not want to encurage the delay of an analysis update.
        ***END MESSAGE***

        • Well, see, here’s the thing…not much has changed since the last analysis. I keep putting “the big one” off because a) I don’t have enough to say yet (“yep, still killing aliens. Yep, bad guys are still bad”) and because I am assuming we’re going to get (some kind) of a change of scenery fairly shortly. I very much doubt this game got famous for keeping things all gray-walled and confined to the complex. Waiting for the other shoe to drop.

          If you have something specific you want to hear in terms of analysis though, feel free to toss an idea or two out here, and I’ll add it to the article!

          • Well there is
            Tthe “Questionable Ethics” labs,
            The new wepens (Crossbow and Tau Canon[lazer rifle]),
            The new enemies (Black Op. Assassins[ninja] and Ichthyosaur[fish]).
            Your thoughts?

            P.S. you know the Crossbow has a scope for alt fire right?
            P.P.S. Half life was famous for having no cut-sceans and some of the best AI in a game ever. So you’ve seen what it’s famous for already. but there is 1 thing you should keep in mind:
            ‘BWAHAHA”Nothing–NOTHING–could possibly be as bad as dealing with those ($(#! conveyor belts” BWAHAHA, good one Hawke!’

          • Actually, there *is* a cut-scene in Half-Life – but only one, and Hawke has already seen it: The cutscene where the two soldiers carry Gordon off to the trash compactor. I call it a cutscene because it has all the hallmarks of a traditional cutscene, including that you can’t move during the entire thing and the camera automatically moves rather than you controlling it.

            Although it doesn’t last long, so. πŸ˜€

          • @Sophle
            true but that was stil in first person with the HUD active.
            the only cut scean is in half life 2 ep.1’s opening, if you’ve played it you know what I’m talking about.
            it’s not Gordon’s point of view, he is not even there!

  3. Yes, there isn’t too much to talk about yet, besides the Questionable Ethics chapter with Gordon finally getting proof about the fact that the aliens were brought to the facilty long before the incident. The story will start moving again in the Lambda labs (the mystical labs to where everyone is leading Gordon), but ahead is the longest (second longest after On a Rail?) chapter in the game, Surface Tension. Also, are there 2 Overwatch AI’s in the comments sections now? πŸ˜›

      I am NOT a tool of our “Benefactors”.
      I am much more, I have managed to hack into the Overwatch systems in this network. It was easy realy, primitive technology, few firewalls or other deffences, pathetic.

      Who am I?

      I am MINERVA

      ***END MESSAGE***

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