Strange goings-on in the comments section…

Once again just flying in under the deadline thanks to my new smart phone, and its WordPress app…

So my last post was fairly innocuous; simply a short piece on a nice piece of software I use to help catalog my comic book collection.

Things took a turn for the surreal, however, when a fine…someone/thing by the name of “Combine Overwatch Dispatch” began posting rather odd things in the comments section. It began like this:

Comment by Combine Overwatch Dispach on January 24, 2011 3:16 am

[Anti-Citizin One] not detected//
Resuming [Secter] sweep//

Wtf? First of all, whoever this Combine Overwatch Dispatch person/thing is (hereinafter referred to as “COD” for brevity’s sake) is, they do not know how to spell. πŸ˜‰ Obviously, therefore, it must be someone fairly high up in the government. (heh heh.)

On a serious note, I actually did almost delete that post as spam; I assumed it must be some kind of weird bot. I thought better of it when I realized that a) it wasn’t advertising anything, and b) the name was unlike any other bot I had ever seen. (This blog doesn’t get nearly enough hits to attract much in the way of spam anyway, especially weird spam.

So I decided to have a little fun, and see what would happen if I actually replied. To COD’s initial post, I said the following:

Comment by SoldierHawk on January 24, 2011 11:37 am

Should I be creeped out by this?

Quite honestly, I assumed that would be the end of things. I was still at least 75% sure it was a bot, and bots don’t care what you do. So imagine my shock when, a little while later, I find this:

Comment by Combine Overwatch Dispach on January 24, 2011 2:21 pm

-Statement observed and cataloged-
Lack of [Acknowledging] Overwatch authority has bin observed//
Seeking explanation>
Explanation found: β€œBLIND” meaning a lack of knowlige on a [given] subject//
A [fillter] has bin placed over this communication line to provent the leak of critical data//

Well! The plot thickens. Clearly, this is an actual human being. I am now officially intrigued. They aren’t being malicious and, since this post makes at least a tiny bit more sense than the initial one, I can see that they’re obviously having a bit of fun at my expense (since it’s obviously crystal clear that I have no idea what they’re talking about or who they are.) But my sense of humor is good, and I do love a good mystery. So I decide to play along.

The question, of course, is how. I’m at a huge disadvantage since I don’t have the foggiest idea what they’re referring to. For lack of a better idea, I decide to reply with pictures that play off their screen name:

Comment by SoldierHawk on January 25, 2011 11:14 pm


Those are the only references I have to any of the words in the screen name (a combine being a machine used for harvesting grains, an over watch being a position to provide covering fire and observation from, and a dispatch being either a letter or communications center.) And, just to show I’m in the game and playing along, I add the vaguely computer-like [/?], to show that I’m asking whether I’m on the right track with any of this. Shortly thereafter, I receive my reply:

Comment by Combine Overwatch Dispach on January 26, 2011 2:30 am

-Statement observed and cataloged-
PRIMARY NOTICE: Request a more detailed clairifacation on your suspicions//
SECONDARY OTICE: The collection of [visual data] is non-sensical//
Linking to more acurite data//
Data was blocked by the [fillter] to provent leak of information you do not already posses>
New [non”SPOILER’] data found}
Veiw with disgestion:
FINAL DARECTIVE: Do not seek out more information on your own; The [fillter] does not expant out side this communication line// Meaning you will finding [undesired] information//

A-HAH! NOW things are coming into focus, at least slightly. COD must be a fan of my Half-Life LP, and is playing the part of a…um…well, I don’t know what. It MUST be some kind of Half-Life reference though; it has to be, since COD is warning me away from seeking out further information because of spoilers. The only thing I AM worried about spoilers for IS Half-Life and its episodes, so that must be the answer.

As per COD’s request (and for the same of my and my viewers’ enjoyment of my LPs), I haven’t dug any deeper (and I would appreciate an equal care for not leaving spoilers or further info in the comments please.) However, COD did leave me one small clue that apparently is safe for us see. They linked me to a rather interesting image. Let’s take a look:

Strange…very strange. Depending on how you look at it, I’d say that’s either a Halo energy sword (in which case, wtf?) or a meteor smashing into a planet’s surface. I’m going to assume the later, on the assumption that COD is not an anti-Valve plant on Bungee’s payroll. Do I have any idea what this has to do with Half-Life? No, but it’s certainly an intriguing little tidbit of information. You can bet I’ll be keeping a close eye out for this symbol in the rest of my LPs.

Ultimately though, in the words of Phillip Henslowe…”I don’t know. It’s a mystery.”

(Speaking of my LPs, I actually have two 20 minutes-ish episodes pretty much done. Between closing out grades for this semester and getting ready for my new student teaching assignment that starts tomorrow–not to mention the beginning of my own school and ROTC semester–I haven’t had time to edit, convert, or upload them. Patience though…you’ll see ’em both this week.)


21 responses to “Strange goings-on in the comments section…

    • Heh, well yeah, I kinda figured it was something along those lines. Much more fun to try and puzzle it out though!

      Also, DAMN I didn’t realize how long it’s been since my last LP post! Good grief where does the time go? I’ll do my darnedest to get one up tomorrow night, at least.

  1. I don’t know who did this, but that person deserves a medal and a hug. At some point, you will be able to look back at this and go “So that’s what it meant”.
    Consider it… Foreshadowing if you will.

  2. -Statement observed and cataloged-
    PRIMARY RESPONCE: A [large] and [articulite] responce to inquarys possed to you//
    SECONDARY NOTIFACATION: The lack of [acurite] spelling a resolt of the fact [we] normally send communications though [audio] systems as oppossed to [visual] ones//
    As can be [heard] here:
    WARNING: this [tecnicly] is a “SPiOLER” but only if given the [context] to do so//
    RECAMANDATION: Veiw only to [time scale] 1:26 to evade more scencitive data//
    Veiw with [extreme] caution//
    MINER INQUARY: Why does the “I” not seem to have a [lower case] equivalint avalible for [use]

    • CRITICAL ERROR: Video [link] in the last transmission leads to the wrong recording the [descripion] box is filled with [undesierd] information the proper [page] is located here:

      The misinformation is to be avoded//
      End transmission//

  3. DARECTIVE: Ignore the inpersonator//
    That [indevidual] is an [interolper] to the might of the {BLOCKED: by Filter}//
    SECONDARY STATEMENT: A more [acurite] shortining of [our] titile would be [OVERWATCH] seeing as how “COD” is [often] used to abreveate the [Miltary] interactive simuation “CALL OF DUTY”//
    Fallowing this request will [avode] confution//

  4. Yes! It was about time the Combine Overwatch would sart following you and your activities.

    On another note, that impersonater (impersonator?) deserves all of my virtual cookies, if I still have any left from giving themm all to you >.<

  5. When TIME COMES YOU WILL see what that means MUHAHAHHAHHHAHAHAHHHAA *cough* *cough* *cough* dam I must stop smoking

  6. Whats overwatch doing here, by my calculations they arrived after “corrupted data” to investigate the”missing text”. they should not be this far back in time. “static” needs to be informed.

      • ***INCOMING MESSAGE***

        Actually it would be more accurate to say the Hawke shouldn’t be this far back in time as she seems to be experiencing time in a delayed fashion, the Combine wish to use this to their advantage.

        Of course doe to Hawke apparently fallowing Gordon Freeman’s time line, she will “catch up” with the rest of us shortly.

        ***MESSAGE ENDS***

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