New Year’s resolution: a post a week! Really!

So I’ve been rather delinquent posting here (perhaps you’ve noticed.) However, I’ve been inspired by WordPresses’ posting challenge for 2011–make a post a week, for the duration of the year. (They also have a post a day version, but I think we all know that I would fall behind on that one faster than I could type.) So! We’ll see how it goes. Expect my first “official” post by the end of the weekend. (Which won’t be about Half-Life, since that’s *all* I’ve posted lately, but I promise I haven’t forgotten the HL fans out there.)

Note that this doesn’t mean that I’m LIMITING myself in any shape or form to a post a week…my pie-in-the-sky goal is three a week. We’ll see how it goes though.

Also, if you’re reading this and feel inclined to comment…I’ll give you a choice. I have two non-HL articles in the works, one on Batman, the other regarding D&D. If anyone (or multiple people) post their preference in the comments, I’ll do whichever more people request. Otherwise, I’ll be Hawk’s Choice. 😉


5 responses to “New Year’s resolution: a post a week! Really!

  1. YAY! I vote D&D. just don’t fall to far behind with your Half-Life posts, you have 15 parts to cover! I understand you don’t wount to flood this blog with HL stuff but still…

    • D&D – noted!

      Heh, it’s not only the fear of a flood…I said a great deal about the overall themes and such of Half-Life during the first part of the game, and (quite honestly) I’m kinda running out of general things to talk about. Not that the game isn’t still amazing, but a great chunk of this middle portion has been quite same-y, and I don’t want to just keep repeating myself for the sake of having a post for every few parts. So that said, I may not be going back and touching on EVERY single part. HOWEVER, I do have a feeling things are starting to get shaken up soon, and we’ve certainly had some new creatures and revelations in the last few parts, so that will DEFINITELY be getting addressed.

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