Half-Life enemies, continued

So I hadn’t exactly planned to make an entry like this, but the response to my Halloween post on my favorite Half-Life enemies was such that I decided to go ahead and answer the requests I got to cover some of the other major enemies in the game. So, here you are. (Oh, and someone also asked me about a possible ‘ecology of Half-Life’ post I had discussed making. That’s still in the works, but won’t be posted until after I’ve finished the game. I want to see everything else the game has to offer–as well as any other species or locations that might come up–before I finalize it.)


These guys are cool. Probably the most intelligent of the alien species I’ve encountered so far, they’re the only creatures that seem to act with any sort of tactics or forethought. Bullsquid and headcrabs are dangerous to be sure, but they simply attack blindly, and out of what appears to be instinct–like an animal. Maybe it’s only because they’re bipedal and sound like they’re “talking” more than any other creature, but the Vorts do seem to have a little more to them than meets the eye. Of course that opens up a whole new can of worms though then; I understand why the “animal” aliens would attack when suddenly teleported to a strange place with no warning–no doubt they feel threatened, or maybe they’re just aggressive by nature and attack on sight. if the Vorts are more intelligent though, that means they either think we’re a threat, or have had prior contact with us and know that they don’t like humans. There would be no other reason for them *all* to simply attack on sight the way they do. Then again, I suppose the military IS gunning them all down, and the Vorts probably make no distinction between me (that is, Gordon) and the bad guys; one man with a gun probably looks the same as any other, and all are threats to be eliminated. Maybe that, more than anything else, proves how intelligent they are. I know if I was in the Vort’s shoes, I’d be electrocuting every human in my path too.


I’m not sure if this creature is named for the famous gorilla, but it does have something of a King Kong vibe going for it–sort of like what you’d get if you crossed a Vort with a giant ape. I’ve only seen one once, and most of that time was spent either screaming in terror or running away, so there’s not much more to say. Other than: damn, are they susceptible to electricity! Maybe that’s how Vorts manage to survive alongside them?

Bad Guys (a.k.a. Asshole “Marines”)

“Marines” in quotes there because, although these guys are apparently supposed to be Force Recon or something like that, no servicemen I know are gonna go around murdering innocent civilians. Therefore, they are simply Bad Guys. (and frankly, they may not actually be military. It could be that they’re a Blackwater-esque paramilitary group *hired* by the government to do the dirty clean up work. That would actually make sense.) Anyway, regardless of exactly who or what they are, they’re murdering bastards, and they suck. Absolutely the most satisfying–and most difficult–enemy to kill.

So! There you are. Hope you enjoyed. Like I said, we’ll have a wrap-up of all the enemies and the way they work together after the game is over. Until then, stay tuned for more LPing!


11 responses to “Half-Life enemies, continued

    • Well, at least technically a part. I kind of got the impression that the HECU are sort of separate from the military proper–some classified project that recruits from Special Forces, but isn’t really a part of it–although I’m not entirely sure what gave me that idea.

        and the Black Ops. are another thing entirely (to be expanded upon in Opposing Force) and speaking of Op4 all of the new aliens (collectively known as “Race X”) in that game are non-canon and that includes the end boss of that game, at lest that was the case last time I checked. just thought you should know that.

  1. The Gargantua is by far my favorite half life monster. His howling(I guess you can call that howling) is like music to my ear. While next in the list will be The Headcrab aka the head humper aka the hamburger aka the chicken. I think the reason is obvious πŸ™‚

  2. HAY Hawke it’s good to see you saw my comment, though it is odd that you did not respond to my comment on the Vortigounts. why?

    • Hey. πŸ˜€

      I wasn’t ignoring the comment; I honestly just forgot about it while I was doing the write up.Thanks for the reminder.

      I’m not sure if I count things that are in “coding” as cannon, as far as my personal theories about the game go. I mean, I assume the ‘regular’ alien names people have clued me in on come from either the booklet or dialog from HL2; something that’s in the coding of the game is not something the developers intended you to see. So, although I’m happy to use the enemies’ ‘real’ names for the sake of having something to call them, I’m not going to use the personal model name the developers had for the enemies to help figure out what’s going on.

      Still, your point is duly noted. πŸ˜‰

      • The thing about Alien Slaves being their name in the coding, that is canon. Notice how they have those green collars and wristbands on. Those are important.

  3. Hey, Hawke nice LP πŸ™‚ Oh and abouth the Vortigauns look closer and you will see two green bracelet’s and a green collar Hmmm… Try to figure that one

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