Yes! I am back! I come bearing Batwoman news!

Indeed I am. And more posts will soon follow, but before any of that happens, breaking news from CBR:

DC Comics’ much-anticipated, but somewhat delayed, Batwoman title will be teased in November with a zero issue before kicking off in February as an ongoing series.


My only slight (well, more than slight) disappointment with the whole endeavor is that Greg Rucka won’t be writing. I love Rucka, and it was his dialog (as well as JHW III’s art) that made Kate Kane/Batwoman such an outstanding character. With all respect to his godlike pencils, I don’t think there’s any way that Williams’ quill can hold a candle to Greg Rucka’s. This character was tailor-made for Rucka to write, after all, and he completely knocked it out of the park. So, while I fully expect this series to be GOOD…I’m thinking that there’s very little chance of it reaching the heights that the Detective Comics run achieved.

Of course, I could very well be proven wrong (and I hope I am!) And there’s always a chance that Rucka will come back, or at least guest-write a storyline at some point. Or maybe Gail Simone will get involved somewhere down the line (yes please!) No matter what happens, Kate Kane is a fantastic character and I think JHW III respects and understands her as well as anyone. I feel comfortable knowing she’s in good hands, and I cannot WAIT for this series to get started!


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