Final Fantasies I have loved: FF I (part 2)

When we last left our intrepid seven-year old me in part one, Lich had just been destroyed, and it was on to…being extremely lost and confused. There are virtually no in-game hints at this point to set you on the path you need to go. Lucky, that beautiful instruction manual walkthrough did, and so it was off to Crescent Lake, battling sea monsters every step of the way.

There wasn’t a whole lot to buy in this town, which was probably just as well–although I had some gold from Lich and the Earth Cave, stocking up on a new set of potions and filling out the last couple spell slots from Elfland and Melmond had pretty well cleaned me out. So, it was time to make a beeline for the Circle of Sages, and a brand new mode of transportation: the CANOE! Awesome.

Now according to the instruction manual, Kary and the Gurgu volcano are supposed to be the first stop after getting the canoe. But the lure of the Ice Cave and its FLOATER (and FLYING FREAKING AIRSHIP!) was far, far too much to resist. And, since there was nothing stopping me from going Ice-spelunking before taking on the volcano, I mustered my courage, launched my canoe, and headed north. (It’s worth noting that this may well be the first experience I ever had with open-ended gameplay. Granted, we were many, many years away from the intricate decisions and open worlds of games like Mass Effect or Just Cause 2, but it was still extremely exciting at the time. A game where you could go wherever you want? Including backtracking and breaking the chain of expected events? Where places weren’t closed off to you after you achieved the objective there? It was a revelation.)

We’re going to end there for now, as I’m only a few hours away from shipping out for LDAC. Will be concluded when I get home in August!


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