An apology, an explanation, and another apology

Hey faithful readers,

Despite what you may think, this blog is not abandoned. Really. I keep saying that I know, but it really is true. Here’s the thing: for the last month I have been frantically preparing and training for LDAC–the Army’s Leadership Development and Assessment Course–a training camp that all Army cadets being commissioned through ROTC must complete. Between that and my comic reviewing and YouTube solving obligations, this blog has kinda fallen by the wayside. And since I have to leave on Monday for LDAC, and won’t return until August, it will continue to be silent for a little bit longer. But fear not! I have part 2 of the “Final Fantasies I Have Loved (FF I) almost done and about to go up, and when I return, I’ll hopefully be able to catch my breath and get to work on some more good articles (specifically another D&D mini one.) I’m also going to try and get an article about Wonder Woman and her new look up before I go, but that’s time dependent, so we’ll see.

Until the FF article goes up though, the latest comic reviews:

Deadpool Team-Up #893

Deadpool #23

Kill Shakespeare #2

Wonder Woman #44

Deadpool: Merc With A Mouth #11

Vengeance of the Moon Knight #9

Joker’s Asylum II: The Riddler

Captain America #606

Secret Six #22

Deadpool: Wade Wilson’s War #1

Deadpool #24

Joker’s Asylum II: Mad Hatter

Joker’s Asylum II: Harley Quinn

Joker’s Asylum II: Killer Croc

Wonder Woman #600


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