I’m…a little more interent famous than I was 48 hours ago!

Thanks to my excellent writing and searingly brilliant insights on comic books (sure it was), one of my very favorite review sites, Weekly Comic Book Review, has picked me up as a reviewer. This is extremely exciting for me; I’ve been a fan of the site since I started reading comics, and it was their wonderful articles that helped me machete my way through the jungle of product that a neophyte to the medium has to deal with. So be sure to head over to the site and check out the reviews I’ll be posting there, starting (probably) this Wednesday or Thursday.

What does this mean for the blog? A couple things. First, out of common courtesy, I will obviously not be cross-posting the reviews I write for WCBR here (although I will provide you with a weekly link to my reviews there, once they go up.) It also shouldn’t mean the end of comic reviews on this site, although you can expect them to be a bit more rare. If there’s an old comic/collection I want to share my thoughts on, or if there’s a new book out I want to vent about/gush over and I’m not reviewing it for WCBR, I’ll do it here.

Also, I’m planning on using the momentum I’m feeling here to really become better about updating this site. I have a ton of half-finished stuff in my draft pages I just haven’t had the time to finish writing/researching. But! On my honor, you will have a review of Dolan’s Cadillac for your reading pleasure tonight, along with an LP:HL catchup post no later than Wednesday–and hopefully tonight, if all goes well.

The big article I’m working on at the moment (that has been requiring a lot of research time and effort) is another installment of Around the World in D&D Minis. This one will be on the Gorgon (think: Medusa). Its fascinating stuff, my favorite creature I’ve researched thus far, but the amount of material (and references!) out there is…extensive. However, as my boy Alton Brown often observes, your patience will be rewarded.


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