Schedule shake-up

Sorry for the recent drought guys–between being sick and an unexpectedly tough training schedule, things have been far too quiet here. In spite of having to be gone (again) this weekend, I’m going to do my damndest to make up for it a bit during the week. Look for two posts tomorrow–another HL entry, and a larger article I’m working on a research heavy one at the moment–that won’t be going up til next week; tomorrow’s will either be an ‘essential books for nerds’ list, or an article on Shadow of the Colossus (probably “part one” since the game is huge and I probably won’t be able to synthasize everything I want to say about it in one day or one article.) Whichever one doesn’t go up tomorrow will be up Tuesday or (more likely) Wendsday. I’ll also have another episode of LP:HL on my YouTube account tomorrow, with the written analysis up before I leave for the weekend on Friday morning. You won’t see anything from me after that until Monday at the earliest, Tuesday if I just need to hibernate after classes to catch up on sleep. After that, things should slow back to a normal pace, and I’ll be posting at a more regular clip. See you then, and watch for the double post tomorrow!


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