Let’s Play Doom 3: FNG Reports

Thoughts on the game thus far: Hmph. Not a whole lot to talk about in this installment, really. Pretty uneventful. I will say that I really, really enjoy the building of tension, and litle bits and pieces of information that you can piece together into a quite disturbing narrative before you’ve even gotten your weapon. Its probably just the improved graphics and excellent use of light and shadow, but I do think Doom 3 does an even better job of establishing the initial mood–not story or character, but mood, mind you–than Half-Life does. Then again, the Half-Life universe seems to be a lot more…I dunno…happy is the wrong word, but more hopeful, I guess, than the Doom-verse. Again, maybe its just the lighting, and maybe Valve would have made Black Mesa just as dark and oppressive if they had had the technology, but somehow, I doubt that. Maybe I’m just being biased, but Gordon feels like a real *hero* to me–he may be some poor science schlub who came to work on a very (very) bad day, but he’s doing what he can–not just to survive, but to help others and try to save the facility as well. Doom Marine, from what I remember…well, he just tries to survive. Sure he ends up helping Earth and taking the fight to Hell (something I suspect Gordon won’t have to do), but even so…it feels less like a fight to an objective, and more like a fight to escape and survive. Again, maybe I’m being unfair to D3 (or unfairly biased towards Half-Life), but that’s the impression I get.

I do like the little interactive bits they throw in–the bathroom to explore for example, the shutters on the cafeteria windows, the computer game (complete with original Doom reference) to play…not to mention the briefings and propaganda to watch. It really does flesh out the experience a bit, and give you at least a sense of time, place and setting, if not purpose.

Ahhh…this is also the first time we see Dr. Bertruger up close. What a hoot this guy is. The first time I saw him in the game I literally just burst out laughing. I mean, you have to appreciate a guy who doesn’t even bother to make a pretense of not being a completely immoral and evil son of a bitch. He’s like Kefka, without the subtlety:

I also quite enjoy the way that people just leave their videos, emails and personal messages (with secret access codes!) just lying around where any idiot (aka me) can pick them up. That doesn’t seem like a good idea. I mean, it makes sense AFTER all hell breaks loose, but at this point in the story, its just sloppy! I thought this was a military organization!

That’s about all I got for this episode–like I said, pretty uneventful. Next one will hopefully be a little more interesting in terms of written commentary potential.


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