Let’s Play Half Life – Part 11: One of Those Days

Part 11 is up on my YouTube account!

Thoughts on the game so far: Hooboy. This was not my most shining moment, gameplay-wise. However, it was very funny. In the span of ten minutes, I managed to:

1. Get the shit scared out of me by a headcrab

2. Less than two minutes later, have the shit scared out me by a headcrab AGAIN

3. Murder an innocent cockroach

4. Absolutely DESTROY a Barnacle with a point-blank double shotgun blast

5. DEMOLISH a headcrab (and very nearly myself) with an accidental (double) grenade toss in a vent

6. Get completely confused and lost, and unable to determine if I’ve done nothing but go in a big circle for the entire episode

Oy. That was a day.

I won’t have much more constructive to say than that in this installment, I’m afraid lol. Too weird, too wacky. I wasn’t drunk or anything while making this (although God, watching it again it sure looks like it–all I needed to do was slur my words!)

I will say that I’m actually incredible confused as to where, exactly I am in terms of the map. I could swear I did a giant circle and came back to the place I was at in part 9, but…there’s no gun turret on the staircase. I have no idea where to go next lol. Guess I’ll just muddle through as usual.

I also want to say how cool it is that they put so much detail into the smallest things. I think I’ve hit on this before, but it deserves special mention here. Looking at those roaches up close like that, not only is their design quite interesting and beautiful (and unique…I don’t think those are meant to be Earth roaches), but the animation is fantastic. The way the antennae move, it’s pretty damn accurate, and would be even for a current-gen game. To nail it so well back in 1998 is truly an accomplishment. Same goes for the barnacles. I mean, who ever looks at a barnacle up close?? Well, I did, and the little undulations and animations on the skin, and its…I guess breathing, motions, are really something else. I’m sure its stuff that the creators don’t often get praised for, with everything else amazing to say about this game, but I wanted to give those props where they were due. Well done, guys and gals.


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