Cadet Batwoman

Okay I just craked the first two pages of Detective Comics #859. Review won’t be up til Friday or Saturday, but can I just say how FUCKING PSYCHED I AM THAT THEY HAVE SCENES OF KATE GOING TO WEST POINT!!!! They even show the ring ceremony! And she says “hooah!” (Even if Rucka DID misspell it, heh heh.)

Kate Kane is officially my favorite comic book character ever, in the history of comic books past, present and future. Speaking as a current (albiet non-West Point) US Army Cadet, these scenes endeared her (and Rucka, for that matter) to me like like no others.

Hooah, Kate! Hooah!

Edit upon reading a few pages further: well that was a kick in the balls. Damn Article 125. Seriously. Never liked it. REALLY pissed off at it now. Although I (obviously) don’t know any fellow service members who are gay, this was a brilliant illustration of why this shit is so unfair. God dammit. And way to go, Rucka.


3 responses to “Cadet Batwoman

  1. I have to agree with you. I never expected to love Batwoman as much as I do. When she first premiered in 52 with all the talk of a “lipstick lesbian” in the Bat-family and the media blitz, I was part of the backlash against it (and I believe Greg Rucka has said he didn’t like how the character was rolled out as if the fact that she was gay was what defined her). But the art on this book was beautiful (always is – Williams is a genius) and her origin is really being told well. Yes she is gay but she is also a soldier (still) and that defines her as well, and she will not lie BECAUSE she is a soldier (which I thought was a good touch). And that was a great, stereotype breaking scene with her father. The Batman scene was visually as good as any I’ve seen all year. Without speaking a word, even without helping/saving her, Batman affects the lives of everyone he meets – just by appearing, just by holding out his hand.

    • As you may (or may not, depending on if you’ve read any other parts of my blog) I’m quite new to comic books, and its because of this series I even picked one up in the first place. I just love her as a character, and the military language she (and her father) uses just speaks to me on a level that few other heroes (with the exception of maybe Captain America, but c’mon–he’s a super soldier! Kate’s just a regular woman) do. I can’t wait to see where this arc ends up. Its killing me that its only once a month! I also really hope that Kate’s Batwoman gets her own book once the run in Detective Comics is finished. I really, really don’t want to loose her as a character, and I want to see more interaction between her and other DC heroes too.

      (Btw, look for my full review of this comic to be up later today!)

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