YouTube: the master of cockblocks

As one or two people noticed last night, YouTube is once again deciding to upload my videos with sound but no picture. Sigh. Well, I’ll keep working at it, and hopefully Let’s play Half Life – Part 9 will be up by tonight. (Problem is the files are so big–nearly 2 gigs –that they take about five hours to upload. So when one goes bad, it takes a looong time to fix it and try again.) Like I said, hoping to have it up by tonight, and if that doesn’t work out, look for a movie review at the very least. (Sneak preview: it’s an installment of “Overlooked Awesomeness” about a very underrated Chrisopher Lambert movie called Fortress.

To help you sate your Half-Life needs, allow me to point you to a brilliant Half-Life mod in development called Black Mesa. Its essentially a remake of the entire game, but done with the HL2 engine. I haven’t poked around too much for fear of spoiling myself, but from what people are saying, this is going to be BIG. “What Half-Life: Source should have been” is the phrase I’m hearing a lot. Enjoy!


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