These newfangled comic-book thingies (or: why updates have been lax)

So I recently discovered comic books. No, not DISCOVERED discovered, but I’ve recently started reading them and really understanding their appeal. The short version: I’m now a comic book addict. The fact that I’ve spent most of my free time at my two local comic stores (and what little time I haven’t spent there reading my purchases) explains why the updates have been a bit unforthcoming. That’s going to continue for a little while, since I’ve got a Guard mission this weekend and will be gone Friday morning through Sunday.

I have decided to start reviewing some comics and trade paperbacks (from the perspective of a newbie, obviously), and I hope to have a review of at least one up by Thursdat night, possibly even tonight or tomorrow depending on how things go. After that nothing on the weekend obviously, but I should have another review (either a movie, some D&D stuff or another comic–depends on what I get inspired to do) next week, along with one or two more Let’s Play: HL installments towards the end of that week and over the weekend.

Hope you all enjoy, and keep an eye out for those updates!


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