Let’s Play Half Life, Part 7: Ropes, Box Hopping and Elevators

After what seems like ages of fighting with YouTube, my account is finally back and I have a new Let’s Play: Half Life installment up!

Thoughts on the game so far: Well, I must say that the combat, or lack thereof, is quite disturbing (in a very, very good way), especially after how intense that headcrab battle was in the last video. its building so much tension in my mind its not even funny, especially those nasty, narrow little corridors I had to negotiate not once, but twice. Clearly I am in capable, if sadistic, hands. And, I’ll say this, it not only adds to the tension, it really, really helps the pacing of the game. I’ve stated before that I’m not a huge FPS fan, and part of the reason for that is I don’t enjoy relentless action and having to be in fight-or-flight twitch mode for an entire game. Not that I don’t love gunplay and combat, but I really like how its broken up with puzzles in this game…or even broken up with significant stretches of nothing but scenery. That makes this game so much more fun for players like me.

Also, I mentioned it in the commentary, but I HATE jumping puzzles in FPSes. You can’t see your feet and judging distance with that little room for error sucks (you’ll notice I undershoot several times, and come very close to overshooting on a couple of occasions too), especially when there’s something RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of the platform you’re trying to hit, like there is in this case. Do. Not. Want. I really hope this is the last of them, although I have this weird, nagging sensation that my hopes are going to be seriously dashed in short order lol.


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