Let’s Play Half Life: Did somebody order the headcrab?

More LP: HL up!

This installment was…wow. Plenty of stupid things for me to do (injuring myself jumping on the elevator, dying in the little gap once the elevator reached the bottom…get used to stuff like that, guys.) The fight with the headcrabs was just nuts. But the *good* kind of nuts. I couldn’t believe I was sitting there watching them fly off, and then fighting so many of them! The word that kept repeating over and over in my mind during this whole video as I was playing was, “creative.” I’ve mentioned before I’m not a huge fan of FPSes, mostly because I’m not good at them (and believe me, constantly dying and being frustrated is not fun at all.) In spite of that, I have played a lot of them, mostly because the stories and/or setups appeal to me. (Either sci-fi stories, soldier stories, etc.) So I bumble my way through, taking enjoyment from the parts of the game that appeal to me. In all the time I’ve been doing that, I have yet to play any scenario like that headcrab/elevator fight. I’ve done lots of combat, killed lots of little Goddamn Bat enemies, and ridden a lot of elevators, but I’ve never seen all those things combined in such an interesting, creative, fun and *funny* way. It’s absolutely brilliant.


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