Let’s Play Half Life: A plethora of updates

After quite the dry spell thanks to further YouTube cockblocking, things are moving again, and I have not one but two LP: HL updates for your viewing pleasure:

Not bad eh? I feel (and I hope I’m right) that commentary is coming a bit more naturally now, and hopefully the quality has increased as a result.

Thoughts on the game thus far: Aliens bad. Security Guards good. There’s not a whole lot to say yet, because we haven’t had many further plot or game mechanic additions since the last installment. So far the combat seems good though, and the enemies are certainly interesting. I’m really curious to see what kind of bosses they come up with, or if there are even any at all. I have a feeling if there are, very few if any will be straight up combat though. The designers here don’t seem like straight-combat kind of people, which is probably why, despite the fact I’m not a huge FPS fan, I’m enjoying the game so much. Its so very much more than a run-n-gun. And I’m only what, barely an hour into it! And have only had maybe twenty minutes (if that) of unrestricted game play. Damn.

Okay…big question on my mind right now: G-man (the guy I call Administrator in the LP, because I assume he’s the guy the scientists are referring to when they say Administrator. Fans seem to want to call him G-man, though, so I’ll defer to popular sentiment.) When I saw him up on the balcony during the actual game, I assumed that, like me, he was simply looking for a safe place to hide/way to escape all the aliens. After re-watching the footage to cut it together and make the video, though, now I’m not so sure. He didn’t speak at all. Didn’t acknowledge me whatsoever. If I was lost in a facility full of alien zombies, I’d be screaming my head off to any normal person I could find, especially if said person had a gun and all I had was a briefcase. Instead he just looked at me (well, at Gordon), almost like he was…watching. And then just walked away and disappeared. That’s not normal behavior. I would almost guess he was a ghost, or a figment of Gordon’s stressed imagination, but we saw him in the opening of the game talking to real people. So he must be real. I don’t quite know what to think about him yet. We’ll see.

(Note: I’m sure most of you reading this have played the game and know who he is and exactly what his significance is. Please don’t spoil the discovery for me, so I can keep things fresh in the blog and on the video. Thanks.)


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