Half Life: Shit Hits the Fan

Part three of my LP Half Life series is up.

HEAR! The asshole Black Mesa scientists!

FEEL! The bolts of electricity coursing through your hazard suit!

MARVEL! At nasty looking aliens that apparently want to rip your face off!

ENJOY! The new, high-quality video that Hawk has uploaded for your viewing pleasure!

Thoughts on the game thus far: Well, its happened. Took a little longer than I thought, but, its happened. Things have really gone to hell (or at least…to somewhere) in a hand basket now. I blame the asshole scientists for everything. If shit is exploding, you postpone the test, its that simple. I don’t care how many creepy looking administrators in blue-black suits are pushing you to go forward, its not worth the risk. And its CERTAINLY not worth getting killed…or…transported to…wherever it was Gordon went for those brief seconds he was…somewhere…not…here. Yeah. I’m still a little confused (in a good way) as to what’s going on right now, but I look forward to digging deeper into this mystery and figuring out exactly what happened here. And how I can help set it right.

I am intrigued by the brief flashes we got while the GLaDOS looking (portal?)-machine went crazy on us. Clearly this is not Doom, because the place we were was not any sort of vision of Hell that I’ve ever seen, nor do I think its intended to be. My guess right at the moment is that its either another planet, or an alternate dimension. Arguments for the other planet is the fact that Black Mesa is clearly meant to be a stand in for Area 51, and what is Area 51 famous for? Yes, that’s right, aliens.

Arguments for an alternate dimension are a bit stronger though. For one thing, Gordon was obviously able to survive wherever it is that he was, and the odds of him being on a totally different planet, with such weird looking lifeforms, and having the oxygen, etc. he needs to survive are pretty small. Thus I’m guessing maybe its some sort of alternate Earth that still has the sort of atmosphere a human can survive on, it just followed a radically different evolutionary road. For that matter, it could be Earth far, far in the future, if they were doing time travel experiments. I’m standing by my guess of alternate dimension, though, if only because of my knowledge of Portal. Black Mesa is clearly doing the same sorts of experiments as Aperture Science (albeit a lot less successfully) as evidenced by the fact that their machine looks and acts quite a bit like GLaDOS, without the artificial intelligence. Therefore, I’m guessing Black Mesa is conducting portal-transportation experiments. It is far more likely I think that this sort of experiment would result in a rip to another dimension, than a rip to another planet.

Then again, space-time is so huge and complex and unfathomable, who knows what they hell they might have inadvertently done? Either way, I’m excited to find out.


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