Holy shit, an update!

No, I haven’t forgotten about this place. Really. No, really. I actually have two articles in the works, one about Twilight and why it is Satan’s spawn (as if you needed further evidence), and the other about the wonderful Danny Boyle film Sunshine. Right this second though, I’m still working on my first Let’s Play. I decided rather than doing a classic 8-bit or 16-bit game to start with, I’d do something a tad more modern…a very, very popular game that I’ve never played before: Half-Life.

“You’ve never played Half-Life?!” I can hear you scream as large chunks of your hair go flying. No, no I haven’t. For whatever reason, I just never got around to picking it up. But, at the urging of a couple of friends, I finally bought it, as well as HL2 and all of the expanded content. My favorite LPs have always been the ones where people play games they’ve never played before, and so hopefully since this game is so good, and so many people have played it, my reactions going through it for the first time will be entertaining and worthwhile. And even if they aren’t, my skill (or lack thereof) at FPSes should be good for a chuckle or two. Yes, that’s right–I’m an abysmal FPS player. I’m an Expert Marksman in the US Army in real life, but give me a pixilated weapon and I can’t shoot or react to shit. I just sort of flail around wildly, firing until the enemies cut me to shreds. Oh well.

Anyway, I already have two videos made, and I’m in the process of tweaking them and getting them ready for public viewing. They should be up on Youtube NLT (No Later Than) Thursday night. In the meantime, enjoy some of the music I’ll hopefully be hearing shortly:


One response to “Holy shit, an update!

  1. Hi, danielcdawson from YT here. Thought I’d check out your blog.

    Hmm, the person who posted that music seems to be slightly confused. The first video has the songs out of order. It’s

    1. Nuclear Mission Jam (Something Secret Steers Us in HL2 soundtrack)
    2. Electric Guitar Ambience (Escape Array in HL2)
    3. Closing Theme (a.k.a. Tracking Device in HL2 soundtrack)

    Second video:

    1. Adrenaline Horror
    2. Alien Shock
    3. Hard Technology Rock

    BTW, I realized just recently that we’re probably not hearing the music the way it was originally intended to be heard. You see, HL and its expansions Opposing Force and Blue Shift were originally on CD-ROM with Red Book audio (same as on pure audio CDs). When they switched over to Steam, Valve stuffed the music into low-bitrate (64 kbit/s) MP3s. Thanks for preserving the quality there, Valve. No one’s going to miss the clarity of the rain effect in Hurricane Strings, for example.

    In the CD version, when the time came for a song to play, the game had only to send a command to the CD-ROM drive and it would play the appropriate track, independent of what the game would do subsequently, until reaching the end of the track or until told to stop. This meant that loading a save game probably would not stop the music the way it does in the Steam version (I haven’t tested this, though, as I don’t have any CD versions).

    I realized this while watching DeniedAfro’s blind run of Opposing Force: there are a couple places where music starts playing over a loading screen, only to be cut off once loading is finished. Whoops! Surely Gearbox would not have designed it that way, so the only reasonable explanation is that Valve screwed it the music system when they ported it to Steam. Hmm, I wonder if they’d be willing to look into it.

    Well, enough longwindedness for now. I wanna preserve some for the rest of your Half-Life category. 😉

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