And so, our journey begins…


Yes, much like the Light Warriors I have taken the first steps on what will either be a wonderful journey of discovery and heroism, or one that will end in unmitigated disaster and a lot of pain. Yes that’s right: I have started a blog. For the most part, it will be used for game reviews, walkthroughs, and the posting of any pop-culture related links I find amusing and that I think might amuse you too. Ideally this will include much posting of the gaming-related videos I will be uploading via my Youtube account. There are many good things to come I hope, and soon. In the meantime, I present the following for your amusement and time-wastage:

We’ve all been frustrated by a very, very difficult game before. But few of us have had to struggle through one this difficult, or expressed the absolute hopelessness of the predicament so eloquently:


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